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April 25, 2006, 9:50 pm
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Do you know how late in the day the BBC can change its forecast for tomorrow’s weather? Very, is the answer. Very late in the day. As one who obsessively checks the BBC weather site, I should know. It can be a big fat sun one minute and a cloud with two raindrops the next. Windspeed can drop away and the pollution index can soar from low to high just like that.

Oh, and in Edinburgh on Thursday the night-time low is predicted to be two degrees celsius. That’s right. Three days shy of the first of May, and two degrees above the temperature at which water turns into ice.

Oh, and I remember when it snowed in June in Edinburgh sometime in the 1970s. Eat that, Prince!


Lady Heather Mills McCartney claimed on TV the other night that if Sir Paul was to put a call into the Prime Minister, he’d get a call back in ‘about ten minutes’ or ‘a few hours’ if Tony was ‘out of town’.

Jeez, that’s better treatment than I give Motherhen and the Ol’ Rooster when they call me.

Slebs? Gotta despise ’em.


But a little funny which lifted my mood as a surfed a messageboard where I hang out: “Am I being a pre madonna here?”

I love it. So here she is, Ms Ciccone, pre Madonna, as t’were.


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Man. I put in a call to Tony like three years ago and am still waiting to hear back.

Those Beatles get all the good treatment. Except for when they’re shot and killed and all.

Comment by Whinger

Re: the weather.

Fan-flippin-tastic. It’s been so nice the last couple of days – the Meadows have been covered with people frolicking and generally having a good time, and now we have to go back to winter weather?! It’s just not right.

Also it may tempt me to stay inside and do some revision. Although maybe I should jack in the revision now and get out in the sun whilst it’s around… Ooh, dilemmas. Now look what you’ve done!!

Comment by Hannah

I love Edinburgh in the summer. What a pity that summer in Edinburgh last about two weeks.

Comment by Violet

with regards to Heather Mill’s, I think it would be appropriate to say, “Tony, gotta love him.” If there’s one thing worse than slebs, it’s sleb crazy politicians. Urgh.

And talking of urgh – John Prescott. Would you?

Comment by GreatSheElephant

I’m sure if I gave up looking at weather forecasts I’d be a slightly more even tempered person. Apparently the whole of May is going to be fairly cold and dreary and it’s going to rain over the entire bank holiday weekend. Oh, whoopy do.

John Prescott? Well, I definitely would … if I had to choose between him and David Mellor.

Comment by Betty

madonna looks so handsome in that pic. I just wish I didn’t have to look at her on a magazine cover every 2nd day of my life.

UC – OMG – I’m going all serious and I’m just no fun anymore. Have you seen my blog lately? Bleak and desperate. Forecast not looking good either!

Comment by Justine

Teehee. Pre Madonna.

Comment by frangelita

Lalala, rhubarb rhubarb weather? can’t hear a word you’re saying rhubarb rhubarb lalala
*bumbling off to unpack summer teeshirts and thin trousers*

Comment by mig bardsley

I always make a point of leaving it a few days before calling McCartney back when he calls me.

Comment by Wyndham

blah, blah, blah.

anonymous lazy person who can’t be arsed to log in.

hint-you weather surely won’t be any worse than mine?

Comment by Anonymous

I’ll just call Tony and tell him I’m Paul (I’m gonna have to work on acquring a male-British accent, though).

Comment by Michelle

Now look here, you southern softies, Hannah excepted, enough of the whinging about weather! Up here – it’s now Friday, so I can talk with some authority – it wasn’t anything like 2 degrees last night. Even if it had been, so what? Cold weather never killed anyone (did it?). Whatever, the Ol’ Rooster and I will be switching to the 4 tog duvet REGARDLESS on May 1st. Cos that’s the rule.

Comment by motherhen

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