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Spectating as a public service
April 23, 2006, 9:49 pm
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Ordinarily, this woman likes to run past the end of our road about this time each year, but today she was injured (or maybe she was worried about the prospect of being caught short again and captured on camera in the act).

Anyway, Paula or no Paula, we trundled down to the end of our street with the chicklets in the drizzling rain to cheer on the merry masses.

These days most people have a T-shirt with their name on it and a whole new type of public service spectating seems to be emerging: one of picking the person who looks as if they are on the brink of collapse and calling out enthusiatically ‘Go, Susie!’ or ‘Go, Person Dressed As A Rhinoceros!’. (Although I refused to cheer on anyone who was plugged into their iPod or talking into their mobile phone.)

Aside from some momentary excitement whenever they saw someone dressed as a furry animal, the chicklets looked on somewhat bemused, their noses screwed up in a fashion that seemed to ask: ‘What sort of madness is this?’.



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As one of the commentators on Today said, “How embarrassing it was to be passed by three bananas, a pink apple, said rhinoceros and a yogurt pot”. Indeed.

Comment by motherhen

the chicklets have called it correctly. my aren’t they smart!!

(look, its the mother hen commenting right after the motherhen!!!)

Comment by Kyahgirl

Running a marathon is unnatural. Am pleased at the alarming brilliance shown by the chicklets.

Comment by Whinger

I don’t understand it, myself. 26 miles is the sort of distance cars were invented for.

Comment by Hannah

uc – i’m sure i’m being stupid, but didn’t you just move to edinburgh? and isn’t the london marathon traditionally held in london? help!

Comment by spindleshanks

spindly: i am moving imminently – sorry for any confusion

Comment by Urban Chick

Ooh! A fellow blogger in the Burgh! How exciting!

Comment by Hannah

Chicklets seem astute beyond their years. There’s apparently still some man doing the marathon dressed in full armour towing a dragon. Now that just seems excessive.

Comment by frangelita

There’s a loony Irish priest who runs out of the crowd and hits them. I saw one of his efforts, which was very funny and totally freaked everyone concerned.

Comment by DavetheF

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