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Nostalgia: 1985
April 20, 2006, 9:25 pm
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A year when…

…the most exciting thing I could think of to buy in an airport duty free shop was a Swatch watch.

…middle sister Monica* and I managed to persuade younger sister Suburban Bantam to exchange ‘those pieces of paper money’ she got for her birthday for ‘lots and lots of shiny coins’. And when we were not nicking tenners from our younger sibling to feed our voracious plastic bangle habit, we were usually trying (and failing miserably) to persuade her to remove her nose from ‘Jilly Rides Again’ to come and join us in ‘playing flats’ which essentially involved sitting around in our bedrooms reading ‘Just Seventeen’ and backcombing and blowdrying each other’s hair in a bid to look like Bonnie Tyler in the video for ‘Total eclipse of the heart’.

…I went abroad for the first time to stay with my (very rich) French penpal’s family and humiliated myself horribly by falling over every three minutes much to the amusement of my seven five-year-old ski school classmates and irritation of our instructor Cathy (‘C’est impossible! C’est impossible!’).

…I enlisted Motherhen’s help in trying to track down a doubtless well-thumbed copy of ‘Forever’ by Judy Blume in our local library to be informed by the librarian (who was cocking her head at Motherhen in a manner which was clearly meant to convey ‘I think you know what this means’) that it had been moved to the ‘Adult’ section.

…my extensive collection of legwarmers had yet to find their way to a charity shop and there was no shame in being word perfect when it came to every song on my ‘Kids from Fame’ album**.

* so-named because of her self-professed obsessive compulsive cleaning tendencies and because she has yet to give herself a moniker on the rare occasions she has left a comment on this blog

** re-released and currently available in Woolies for a stupendous £3.99

Oh yeh, and a whole bunch of other stuff happened in 1985 too.


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To this day I have never enjoyed a book as much as I enjoyed Forever.

Comment by Martha

Man, Forever was THE book when I was a kid. The copy at our school library was literally falling apart. I remember reading it under the covers on a really shit school camping trip. Those were the days.

Except that in 1985, I was, err, four.

Comment by frangelita

I had to *borrow* Forever from one of the children, who I now realise must have been Frangelita.

Comment by mig bardsley

Ah, Judy Blume. Those books were awesome… Was Forever the one where the girl had a boyfriend called Michael?

Comment by Hannah

I was not allowed to read “Forever,” but I WAS allowed to read the “Clan of the Cave Bear” books.

Go figure.

Comment by Whinger

What about Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume? That had a pool of sweat in her bra which I’ve been waiting to happen to me until this day.

Comment by Martha

Oh god, you’re all so young! LOL!

1985: the year I left my job in publishing and stopped earning good money. 😦

Comment by Bela

Heck, I thought Flowers In The Attic was the book to read in ’85..

That, or Have You Started Yet?

*sniggers behind hand like silly 15-year old*

Girls were obsessed!

Comment by Anonymous

i think he was called michael. but what was his cock called? you know i’m going to google that now, don’t you?

two more things – i SO have to get hte kids from fame album again (am now singing “starmaker” in my head), and now i have to re-read flowers in the attic. can anyone lend me a copy?

Comment by surly girl

ralph! it was ralph! didn’t they do it on a bath mat?

Comment by surly girl

It was also the year in which The Breakfast Club was released and I discovered Judd Nelson.

Happy days…

Comment by Pashmina

ah yes, jean m auel books – in which there was always a sex scene on p.333

and ‘flowers in the attic’ – nostalgia indeedy

and then there was ‘lace’…

but martha: sweat pools in your bra? what?????

Comment by Urban Chick

and then last night this guy was saying to me that the 80s were cool – CRINGE! But then he is just 22 and can’t remember any of it. Do 40-somethings cringe at the thought of the 70s and 50-somethings about the 60s?

Comment by Andrea

Martha – just wait till menopause.

I also find that a brisk run up hill after a large curry works

Comment by GreatSheElephant

for me it would have been 1975 that we were doing all those cool things. yay for you for having sisters in your age bracket to torment. I never did.

now I have to go find Forever!

Comment by Kyahgirl

Lace – was that the one that began with a description of a D&C abortion? If it was, it was the first time I ever actually felt faint – and I was on the tube.

Comment by Lulu

Thought I would come by and say Hi…I was born that year a great year!!

Comment by Moo

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