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Pants on fire
April 11, 2006, 1:03 pm
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The Lie
I am already signed up to the landline phone service promoted by my mobile phone company.
The Deceived
A salesperson at my local Carphone Warehouse.
Ethical challenge rating: Low (salespeople are fair game and one must use all one’s cunning to defy their neverending sales pitch attempts)

The Lie
I don’t want any more apple crumble.
The Deceived
My friend’s husband.
Ethical challenge rating: Medium (should have just admitted I was trying to lose some weight)

The Lie
The bare earth in my friend’s garden was in fact dog poo (in a bid to get Chicklet #1 not to trample the newly sown grass seed).
The Deceived
Chicklet #1
Ethical challenge rating: High (you should never lie to your children)

The Lie
I won’t be able to talk to Mr Chick to discuss the offer on our house until this evening so we won’t be able to respond to your clients until tomorrow.
The Deceived
Our estate agent.
Ethical challenge rating: Medium (estate agents have been shown to display ethically challenging behaviour on occasion so it’s entirely appropriate to sink to their level now and again*)

The Lie
There are no more biscuits in the house.
The Deceived
Chicklet #2
Ethical challenge rating: Medium (revision to earlier rule: you should never lie to your children…usually…except when trying to promote a healthy diet)

I shan’t tag anyone but should you wish to share with the world five lies you have told this week, rating them in terms of how much of a challenge they presented to your personal ethics, be my guest!

* ah yes, moral relativism is a many splendoured thing…


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And lying to children is fun. It gives them a clear thing to talk about when they visit a therapist. I’m all for picking and choosing the issues children should have.

Comment by Whinger

ooohhh, you are going straight to hell young lady!

Comment by Kyahgirl

Are you moving to a castle?

Comment by Martha

saying no to apple crumble would be a very difficult lie for me. It’s my favourite comfort-dessert apart from custard.

Comment by Violet

I love the pooh lie. No, not because it’s about pooh, just because it has the sound of a stroke of genius produced under pressure. So impressive!

Comment by mig bardsley

are any of these really lies? Naaah…

Oh! Hello, by the way!

Comment by Justine

So how big is your nose then, Pinocchio?

Comment by frangelita

frangelita-you have an unnatural interest in noses. You aren’t going to accuse UC of also snortning cocaine are you? 🙂

but then, we know she’s a good liar so she’d just lie anyway.

Comment by Kyahgirl

lying to salespeople, especially ones who phone you up at 8pm when obviously you have young children who need putting to bed, is an ethical necessity. in fact, it may be ethically worse to not lie to them. at least lies can be tactful.

Comment by spindleshanks

I also enjoy lying to children.

Comment by Meegan

Last week I told my youngest nephew that not only was I proficient at killing wizards I also turned them into jam with a special spell and the very jam he was eating on his toast was Wizard Jam and he should be careful not to choke on bits of wand.

I don’t think of this as a lie, I think of it as exercising imagination (mine mostly) and also grasping as much kudos as I can and ensuring his admiration for that little bit longer.His oldest brother is already starting to go through the scornful stage and it’s very unpleasant.

Comment by Ova Girl

ooh! you came back! ooh!

(so did i)

Comment by surly girl

I’m with Whinger. Kids need more issues!

Comment by star firstbaseman

Funny stuff.

Comment by Dial-Up Princess

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