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April 10, 2006, 11:57 am
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I can just about live with ‘I’ for ‘Indian chief’ and ‘R’ for ‘rubber boots’. I can even begin to come to terms with ‘Z’ for, um, ‘zed’ (yes, really). But ‘X’ for Christmas – a word distinctly lacking in ‘X’s? No no no no no!

So, if the chicklets fail their first lot of SATS, I’m blaming Tchibo.


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Oh man. Sniffy’s going to HATE this. She hates the lazy “Xmas” users.

Whatever happened to xylophone, like in the alphabet games of yore?

Comment by Whinger

Damn it, whinger said exactly what I was going to say. I guess there is just xylophone for the xs.

Comment by frangelita

So what’s wrong with Xenophobic, xerox, xebec, xenolith, Xhosa, xoanon, or xystus?

Comment by mig bardsley

You blatantly looked half of those up. Come on, cough up the meanings. And isn’t xerox a trade name and therefore NOT ALLOWED?

Comment by frangelita

ooh, internecine war breaks out on my blog! that’s a first…

Comment by Urban Chick

It was X-ray when I was a tiny person.

A friend recently bought her little girl an animal alphabet. The letter N was represented with a numbat (the only animal to be identified with its name embroidered on its flank, presumably because none of the grown-ups know what one is). Knowing nothing about the habits of the numbat, we made something up about it scurrying through the bush saying ‘Numbat numbat numbat’. Sadly, she’s become untowardly attached to the thing, and scurries around the lounge saying ‘Numbat numbat numbat’ at the drop of a hat. Her mother is worried that the educational psychologists might misinterpret this when she goes to school.

Comment by Liz

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