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April 9, 2006, 7:42 pm
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reveal an unprecedented and uncharacteristic surplus of imported gin.

*a nation gasps in shock at this revelation*

So…it’s G&Ts, Dry Martinis and Singapore Slings from here until the Summer Soltice. Feel free to join us (place: our garden, time: sundown).


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There with bells on (in spirit only unfortunately). Ha! spirit! See what I did there?

Comment by Martha

dammit, surely there is some geek out there in silicon valley working on cyber-bars and pubs??

*taps out email of complaint to bill gates*

Comment by Urban Chick

What no Plymouth gin? No Plymouth, count me out. Hmm… no, count me in. London gin. Mmmm.

Comment by Mike

I suspect that inter-cyberspace drinking wouldn’t truely convey just how HILARIOUS one gets when pissed.

Comment by Martha

You Brits and your hoity-toity ways of “waiting until sundown to drink.”

10:00 am seems reasonable to me.

Comment by Whinger

I’m with Whinger. That’s a lot of Gin to get through. We’d best get started!!

Comment by Kyahgirl


Comment by Justine

Oh dear. And that’s a lot of Gordon’s. Which breaks my heart, because there are so many bee-yoo-tee-fulll gins in this world, and one mustn’t waste one’s time dwelling on the ones that aren’t so bee-yoo-tee-fulll. Please, if you must drink imported gin, do consider an Oregon one – we don’t look it, but we’re a gin connoisseur state I swear! [I will also be relieved for your tastebuds if you switch to Bombay Sapphire ;)]

Comment by katiedid

katie: i am quite partial to bombay sapphire too but only occasionally on account of the bigger alcoholic kick it gives!!

oregon gin? now thtere’s something i didn’t know about

i’m always open to experimentation when it comes to gin…


Comment by Urban Chick

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