My salad dressing days

Oh, Sandra
April 7, 2006, 12:08 pm
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Poor old Sandra Oh. I thought her unusual, eversoslightly asymmetric face rather beautiful in Sideways, but I don’t imagine she would be overly thrilled with the poor pasting job done on this advertising billboard in Maidstone.

P.S. In between riffling through my Baedekers to plan our forthcoming pan-European holiday, stressing over the various elements of our move and getting to grips with domain names, webhosting and WordPress, I hope to post the occasional picture and accompanying daft comment. Therefore, assuming they didn’t bottom out ages ago, lower your expectations, people.

*grins inanely*


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Wahay. I kept checking. My diligence was rewarded.

How’s the move going? I’m up in Edinburgh this weekend checking out neighbourhoods to see what’s changed in the last 6 years.

Comment by GreatSheElephant

I just love, love, love the WordPress. Am hoping you will as well.

Yay for intermittent postings!

Comment by Whinger

Yay!!! you’re back 🙂
Bring on the daftness and wordpress.

Comment by mig bardsley

Hurrah! You’re back. Won’t settle for anything less than regular silliness

Comment by frangelita

lowered away – am ready for any level of daft picturing.

Comment by spindleshanks

what they said….whatever you want to put here, I want to see.

Great to see you buddy.

Comment by Kyahgirl

I revel in daftness so bring it on. We’ve missed you, gal.

Comment by MJ

You can’t go getting all fancy with the word press and so on! I’ll be the only one left here in blogger template land…

Comment by Martha

my husband has a thing for Sandra Oh. I’m very wary of her. Good to see her a bit messed up like that.

Comment by Justine

Aha, she’s back.

What on earth is WordPress?

Don’t worry, Martha, you won’t be the only one locked out of your Blogger blog. I really resent it a lot when that happens.

Who on earth is Sandra?

Comment by Bela

Oh WordPress is lovely, just takes a bit to get used to it is all. I lurve the platform, even though it’s not quite so fast as the Blogger interface is when I just want to ramble or post my usual nonsense. Just make sure when you find hosting to see if they have a program called Fantasico (or similar program) that does an automatic install of WordPress for you so you don’t have to mess with unzipping files and all that.

Comment by katiedid

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