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Hibernation and migration (from here to here)
March 15, 2006, 8:36 pm
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The problem with mini-breaks is that they leave you craving a full two-week holiday. Add to that all-time lows of inspiration and the prospect of an imminent move to another country. And what you get is: A Blog On Ice.

Nope, not another reality TV show, but this here blog is going into hibernation whilst UC gets on with the business of migration.

And should you catch me on your blog, please report me to Bela for a slap, because I should without a doubt be doing Something More Useful Instead (like writing endless lists of all the useful things I should be doing).

See you around….


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You’re leaving the country? What did we do?

Comment by frangelita

It’s exciting! xoxo

Comment by mireille

If I DON’T catch you on my blog periodically I’ll have to hunt you down and punish you. That’s not a bad idea. šŸ™‚

See you up north one day.

♥ ♥

Comment by kyahgirl

you just had to post that picture – that’s cruel that is. Earliest I can move is September and probably not till next year. Feels very homesick.

Comment by GreatSheElephant

You kept quiet about that one. Surely South London isn’t that bad? Heh heh.

Have fun, but take care.

Comment by Betty

well, B, i’ve kept it quiet to protect my family ’cause as soon as word gets out that me, guy and the kids are moving north, i expect a media frenzy, not to mention attempts to steal my spandex leotard collection (which i will be auctioning on ebay shortly to raise some cash to pay for my deerstalking equipment – i hear the huntin’, shootin’ and fishin’ is top whack in scotland)

Comment by Urban Chick

I do believe they have blogs in Scotland.

See you later

Good luck!

Comment by Spinsterella

Good luck UC!

Will miss you.

Comment by Whinger

Wait a minute – you’re moving to Edinburgh Castle? That’s swish! Didn’t realise Mr Chick was doing so well at the office.

Won’t you have problems selling the Maritime Museum though? It’s not to everyone’s taste, although it’s a lovely family home.

Comment by the plate invigilator

I’m simply fascinated by the term “minibreak.”

It should be used in the US, I maintain. As should holiday.

Comment by jonniker

Is you still urban, Chick?

Comment by Geoff

What am I missing?? What’s going on? I’m so lost!

Comment by Meegan

Good luck UC – crikey, isn’t it even colder in scotland? flannelette pjs all round..

Comment by spindleshanks

I can’t bear it: everybody’s going away! šŸ˜¦

I should know all there is to know about Scotland – every year, for the past 19 years, I’ve translated the British Tourist Authority’s Scotland brochure into French, and I’ve been to Edinburgh twice (for work) – but I don’t. It’s all very picturesque but so far from everything.

Good luck, I suppose. *sulking and this far from slapping you*

Comment by Bela

Goodness UC! Just like that?
It sounds really exciting but be back on the blogosphere soon to tell us all about it. Please?

Comment by mig bardsley

Wow, that’s exciting UC! If I ever moved back to Scotland, Edinburgh would be the only place I could contemplate going to.

And yes, I do believe they have the internet in Edinburgh, so please don’t desert us!

Comment by patroclus

Are you by any chance watching Doctor Who? Season one is playing here and I thought I’d ask.

Your page is sooo pretty!

Good luck with the no blogging thing, hee!

Comment by Sticky Keys

Oh dear.
Pictures say a thousand words and all that.

Summer soon, for you.

Comment by Justine

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