My salad dressing days

Today I parted company with my
March 10, 2006, 1:32 pm
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Pump In Style Traveler. And you know what? I feel a little sad.


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UC, I have to expose my ignorance…What *is* that???

Comment by mig bardsley

i feel the need to stand back a little longer to see who guesses correctly (just for my own amusement!) but i will return later with the answer…


Comment by Urban Chick

oh, looks like mig has not had a baby. those are “mammy milkers” – ugh! time to move on dear UC. say good-bye to those big breasts while you’re at it. sorry.

Comment by Anonymous

*smiles knowingly*

Comment by Urban Chick

Darn time difference. Those are pumps. A friend of mine just bought another to leave in her office because hers was to heavy to carry back and forth.

Comment by Esther

well those are posh!

the sadness doesn’t last UC. ♥

Comment by Kyahgirl

Blimey, those are seriously scary.

Comment by frangelita

Anonymous…3 babies. I never got any of those new-fangled things!
I seem to remember they cost a bomb and didn’t come in pairs and neat packs like that with all sorts of extras either!

Comment by mig bardsley

Geez, if you need a whole backpack just to carry the breast pump equipment, where do you put the nappies and tissues?

Comment by Violet

violet: you can plug it into the car cigarette lighter socket to pump as you drive (just need to buy a special bra – kinda like a mobile phone handsfree kit)


Comment by Urban Chick

You know they’re installing new cameras to catch people doing stuff like that don’t you? I wonder what the charge would be?

Comment by DavetheF

I’m considering legal action against the manufacturers on the grounds that it is irresponsible for them to claim that ANYONE can “pump in style”.

Comment by the plate invigilator

ROTFL! Hilarious post and comments.

I didn’t quite get it straight away either, but I cheated: I looked at the Properties of the pic.

Driving while your breasts are being pumped. Ugh!

Comment by Bela

Pumping while driving??!! Hilarious. Scary, too.

Comment by Meegan

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