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You know you’ve been blogging too long when…
March 6, 2006, 1:40 pm
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1. A new blogger moans about the lack of comments on their early posts and you tut loudly and tell them that “back in MY day, we didn’t EXPECT to get any comments”.

2. Weekly phone conversations with your parents go something like this: “Hi Mum. Yes, we’re fine. Have you disabled cookies on your work PC? ‘Cause I can’t see you on Statcounter any more.”

3. The people at Statcounter offer you free shares in their parent company as a “cherished and loyal customer”.

4. Before friends impart any personal information they ask you to sign an affidavit to confirm that you will not blog about it.

5. You start talking in acronyms (“Oh, I was PMSL!”, “Yes, yes, ITA!”, “…IYKWIM.”)

6. You forget that the vast majority of the world’s population is blissfully unaware of what a blog is (and you pity them for it).

7. You fail to realise that you are turning into one of those dull bloggers who blogs constantly about blogging.

8. You still can’t post a list with fewer than ten points.

9. Except you can.

10. Except you can’t.


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Hi UC,
I love reading your stuff. I am not even sure how I found you but I check every day. I do want to tell you that from your blog, not even sure how, but, I check in daily with ‘Leggs up and Laughing’ and ‘Dooce’. I thank you for that since they have been good reads too. Just wanted to let you know you are appreciated from me. :):):)

Comment by Anonymous

holdy on here. That was a ten point list. So where’s the 11th point? Huh?

Comment by GreatSheElephant

ROTFL! Absolutely spot on (as always)!

Comment by Bela

Agreed on all counts, but also a little miffed that I have not been offered shares in StatCounter.


Comment by Whinger

never say dull my dear….

Comment by kyahgirl

I wrote an early post about how blogging is like talking to yourself in an empty room. Except your room is far from empty, my dear, love your work:-)

Comment by frangelita

geez. I am obviously a total blogging ignoramas as I’ve no idea what those acronyms mean..


Comment by SBB

Bother, I forgot to count how many noises I put on my list.
As for the acronyms, I think they are for the young and nimble minded. Me I only understand half of them. (make that one or two of them)

(Rushes off to count list)

Comment by mig bardsley

My stats are going through the floor at the moment.


Comment by Wyndham

it’s post-modern blogging ennui, wyndham. i’d say don’t worry about it, but we all do.

i had a dream the other night where i deleted my whole blog. it was horrible.


Comment by surly girl

I had a dream where I deleted every other blog except mine. My stats were brilliant, brilliant, I tell you!

Mwaaaa hahahahahahah

Ah. Sorry about that.

Comment by Wyndham

“Back in MY day, we didn’t EXPECT to get comments” – well, for over a year after I started blogging I didn’t enable comments because I was so terrified of getting scathing, abusive personal attacks which would make me feel like killing myself.

I needn’t have worried – no one was reading it anyway. Come to think of it, only three men and a dog read it even now, heh heh.

Comment by Betty

Betty: Three men and a dog. And a Canadian woman. Oh wait. Am I the dog?

Comment by MJ

Hold everything. It seems I’m not the only Canadian. I see Kyahgirl’s on here too. Could we interest you Brits in some poutine?

Comment by MJ

Absolutely spot on Mrs C. Blogspot on one mght say, what? I say that wasn’t me, that moaning new blogger, was it? Only I was TEMPTED to moan but I have the impression I restrained myself. Blog it and they will come, I tell myself. But… but… oh never mind. I always call in here, anyway. I have a regular “round”, like an old lady.

Comment by DavetheF

Do you know that once, instead of actually laughing out loud, I had a flash of a moment where I almost – ALMOST – laughed out loud while SAYING, “El oh EL!”


Uh huh.

Comment by jonniker

That is very funny, and oh-so-true.
Have a great week, take care, Meow

Comment by Meow

And to think there were days when Urban Chick would scream (I overstate not) at Mr Chick for no more than a casual glance at the PC (loaded with some game).

Comment by Mark

LOL! I love your sense of humor.

Comment by Slendah

WTF? Statcounter offered you shares??!!

Comment by llew

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