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March 1, 2006, 9:28 pm
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1. Food miles. After a eureka moment in the Sainsburys’ fruit and vegetable section last weekend, I’ve decided to set myself a 1100 mile radius limit which allows me to buy otherwise unseasonable fruit from southern Spain. However, a move to Scotland will mean no more Seville oranges unless they are grown in Reykjavik. But, more importantly, will I ever again eat a pineapple?

2. How greatly it bothers me when someone interrupts my daily constitutional. Especially when that someone is a minicab driver. Especially when he is five minutes’ late. Especially when he can perceive my silhouette through the window of the downstairs loo as he knocks on the front door.

3. Why it is I feel compelled to talk in a high-pitched voice when speaking (my very basic) Spanish, although it amuses the chicklets no end.

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4. Why my (three) podcasts have yet to knock Ricky Gervais off the worldwide podcast-downloads top of the pops (and when I will be able to charge people four quid to listen to my dulcet tones).

5. Joaquin Phoenix.

6. How to achieve a nipped-in waist in the style of Reese Witherspoon in ‘Walk the line’ without rib removal surgery.

7.(Ongoing) My unhealthy obsession with ten-point lists.

8. Did I mention Joaquin Phoenix?

9. The cost and availability of rib removal surgery.

10. What Alan Greenspan’s retirement will mean for world economics.


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Drew Barrymore was concerned about food miles a few years back. I recall an interview in which she was discussing how she found it odd to be eating a mango in New York in the middle of winter, and decided to limit herself to whatever vegetables could be grown nearby.

For one flashing second I thought: Yes! That is brilliant!

And then I realized she would only have access to cabbage and potatoes, and hummingly moved right along.

Comment by Whinger

Phoenix… *drool* Hopefully he will not go the way of River…

Wrt the nipped in waist thing – there’s always corsets –

Don’t know how Mr. UC would do with that though!

Comment by SBB

Alan G will still be available: I hear he plans to open a consultancy. Maybe I’ll do that when I’m in my 80s, too.

I was looking fwd to your podcast… alas, it didn’t work!

Good on you for doing food milage awareness stuff. Sorry I haven’t taken my “articulation” tablets…

Comment by Justine

CWWCC-very large improvement in your ability to count the number of items in your 10 point list.


Comment by kyahgirl

What you need for the waist is Pilates. It’s unbeatable for waist, abs, thighs, bum.

Comment by DavetheF

Is that Spanish REALLY you, or have you nabbed one of the chicklets? Or captured a passing 9 year old Spansih child and stolen her voice using some dastardly voice stealing machine?

Comment by Stef the engineer

stef: i’ve been hiring out-of-work RADA graduates to do my podcasts

given their £60 cheap-at-the-price hourly rates, a 7 second podcast only costs me under 20p

worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Urban Chick

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