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Celebrity red pepper
February 27, 2006, 11:08 pm
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[Click to enlarge. Label reads ‘Red Pepper. As seen on TV.’]

I’ll admit to having avoided the last series of Big Brother but did I miss something?

Has there been a reality TV show about the Grubby Lives of Britain’s Vegetables?

Has there?

Need to know.


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ROTFL! Pervert Peppers and Tarty Tomatoes…

Comment by Bela

On Ready Steady Cook the other week, they had the American bloke who voices all the film trailers. He’s a huge bear of a man with a ridiculously deep voice and I believe his name is Red Pepper…

Comment by Kellycat

Huh. Well I’m lost now…

Comment by Hannah

Bet there’s no nuts in it though.

Comment by mig bardsley

Wasn’t he on the Gordon Ramsay show with the alcoholic chef?

They were both half-cut.

Comment by Geoff

This is not just a red pepper.

This is a southern Spanish red pepper, ready to cook and bursting with fragrant goodness.

Comment by Lulu

Lulu, M&S should employ you to write those TV ads. 🙂

Comment by Bela

*wyndham scratches his head*

What the hell are you on woman? Is there going to be a punchline?

Comment by Wyndham

I assume the punchline is in the “as seen on tv” sticker on the pepper.

Which does deserve an explanation.

Is it from my local Asdas, where people don’t recognise any veg except frozen chips?

Comment by Spinsterella

Hi UC! you made me laugh with this one. Don’t you know that those smutty root vegetables are taking the world by storm? The Peppers are trying to up the ante by being both sweet and HOT!

Comment by kyahgirl

You know a red pepper is showcased at the opening of the original Iron Chef tv show…hmmmm.

very funny!

Comment by Calliope

See, I’d rather have a yummy red pepper than a Zlist celeb any day. Stuffed with rice and pinenuts and cheese….*frangelita starts drooling*

Comment by frangelita

I hate vegetables and they hate me.

Comment by Koala Mentala

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