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I have the Woman ‘Flu
February 24, 2006, 4:57 pm
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That’s the type where every cell in your body aches and you start to wonder whether if you hung around outside your local hospital, you might be able to score some morphine from an impoverished nursing student, but you carry on regardless in your role as unpaid slave to two people of short stature (except you are sort of lying because it just so happens that your parents are in town for a few days and love nothing better than to care for their sick child, however old she may be).

[And your mother has an extra spring in her step after being wolf-whistled on the concourse of a London train station on the journey here.]


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Sorry that you’re sick and all, but there is something SO comforting about being cared for by one’s mother.

Just sit those chicklets in front of some Wiggles. That’ll occupy them.

Comment by Whinger

aw, sorry you’re not feeling well, but Yay for having Mom in town.

Motherhen must be HOT! getting the wolf whistle is a great confidence booster (even though it totally goes against the CWWCC philosophy I’ve so merrily embraced over at Whinger’s place) 🙂

Comment by Kyahgirl

Sorry to hear you’re ill. Is that a flu bug in the illustration?

BTW, is your mom er, single?

Comment by DavetheF

Oh. I’ve just spotted “parents”. Oh well, sorry for being forward.

Comment by DavetheF

being wolf-whistled at is great, as long as the whistler doesn’t then make any indecent proposals or show his boy bits.

Comment by Violet

yes, dave, it is a ‘flu virus – cool, huh?

as you figured, no, not single, but verrrrry hot


Comment by Urban Chick

sorry you’re sick – it’s awful that ‘flu thing though looks good up close, a bit like coral. hope you feel better soon, then you can dance along with the wiggles too.

Comment by spindleshanks

The flu bug looks great. I *think* woman flu doesn’t last as long as man flu. so hope you’re feeling much better soon.

Comment by mig bardsley

Woman flu is essentially fatal, but we tend to battle on through and kick the bugger into touch.

This is unlike man flu: a bit of a sniffle and they’re out of action for days, whinging about how we have no sympathy, how they’re going to die and can we run out to the shops and buy them chocolate cake whilst they lie on the sofa and watch Love, Actually… Flatmate’s immune system needs kicking into shape, and soon. Huh.

Comment by Hannah

All the hot ones are taken when you get to my age. Sigh

Comment by DavetheF

Fluids, lots of fluids. Although that is my recommendation for almost any ailment. Except, err, a broken leg.

Comment by frangelita

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