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How can I stop the chicklets
February 22, 2006, 4:09 pm
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from liking these people?

[And dammit, in the act of creating the link above, they have become even more excited to see ‘weegles on pooter, mumma!’. Oh gawd…]


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thank god we are so past the Wiggles!

*dances out singing hot potato, hot potato…..*

Comment by Kyahgirl

You can’t. So don’t even try.

Comment by motherhen

Oh Dear Lord — I had MANY conversations with Niece about her love of Jeff (Purple).

It could be worse. It could be Barney.

Comment by Whinger

Dear god.
*shudders. Is relieved has no children* You could restrict their viewing entirely to BBC4, but they might mutiny.

Comment by Pashmina

comfort yourself by reflecting on the inner self hatred of someone who grew up wanting to be Bob Dylan/Bruce Springsteen/Johnny Rotten (delete as appropriate) and ended up in the Wiggles

Comment by GreatSheElephant

These are the descendants of Ned Kelly?

Comment by Geoff

Haha. It gets worse when they get older. I spent years surrounded by an amalgamation of all the current soap operas enacted in real life. With actions and accents and perfect paraphrasing.
The weegles on the pooter is simply charming 🙂

Comment by mig bardsley

Are they old enough for reverse psychology yet? If they are, then just keep telling them how much you love the wiggles and they’ll soon grow bored. And show complete disinterestedness in your fave kiddie offerings. Worth a try?

Comment by frangelita

Pooter? Are the Chicklets from Norfolk?

Comment by Kellycat

Try not to consider how much these people are worth – it’ll only do your head in.

But if you want to know, you’ll find the answer here:

And how weird is that Jeff?

Comment by Wyndham

They creep me out. I’m still trying to scrub from my brain the vision of the four of them in cartoon form emerging from their logo on the intro page at that link. *shudder*

I’m with you, Pashmina, and am suddenly very glad I don’t have children.

Comment by Rusty

Have you seen the video where one of them (the yellow one I think) has got REALLY sweaty armpits?

Very disturbing. You think with all that money they’d have a spare t-shirt for him to change into.

Comment by Spinsterella

Aren’t they scary !!! So nerdy nice !! Don’t worry, they will grow out of them. My Chicky did. Did you know one of the Wiggles made Bachelor Of The Year hear in Australia ?!? I think it was the blue one !! Take care, Meow

Comment by Meow

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