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The Spring 2006 Declutter continues
February 20, 2006, 1:40 pm
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The Working Girl Suits left these shores as part of The Spring 2005 Declutter. This year sees the departure of the Working Girl Shoes (and Handbags). So it’s toodle-oo to dull, dark, sensible footwear!

As is traditional with the passing of former icons, I have adapted a couple of verses of that well-known Elton John classic in their memory…

Goodbye working shoes!
Even though you were dull and dark,
You kept my feet so comfortable
As I stomped across the park
Walking to the office.
I often thought I should wear a heel
But it just wasn’t sensible
(Though the idea did appeal.)

And it seemed to me
That you lived your lives
Just like uncomplaining slaves:
Never knowing where I’d walk you
When the rain set in.
And I could have learned to love you
But you were not my thing.
I much prefer my kitten heels
And the joy that they can bring.


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What a great poem…pure class. More importantly, though, does it SCAN??

Comment by Anonymous

oh please let’s not be getting into the whole scanning/cadences thing

i wrote it in 10 minutes and anyways, it’s ‘to be sung’ which means you can muck around BIG STYLE with fitting the words into notes and not worry about flaming scanning


Comment by Urban Chick

With middle age has come the inability to wear high heels. The last time I went out in stilletos I couldn’t walk at all the next day because of horrendous blisters.

I can feel the icy claws of frumpdom sinking into me …

Comment by betty

Personally I couldn’t give a monkey’s about the shoes. I’m just waiting for the chicklets to be de-cluttered ……
“waves cheerily at UC and Mr Chick!”

Comment by oneglassofcava

well I sang the words to the tune and thought they fitted very well for 10 mins work lol. I am upset thought that the shoes and the suits were seperated for a whole year. Just think of the therapy those shoes will have to go through now. ‘We were sensible working shoes but we had no working suits to go with. We were so alone and without company, apart from some feet’
Hi btw, been lurking and thought it time to speak.

Comment by Darren

Well, I have to say. I thought you were a stylish chick but after seeing those god awfuls you are getting rid of, I am perplexed. The little icon of those fabulous little black numbers with the colorful bangles, on what I was assuming were your feet, are a fraud! How could you lead me to beleive you were a shoe conisour? UC, are you just in the closet and are really sinking into frumdom too? Tell me no!!!!!Tell me you do where heels and love to look like a woman!!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

*snif* that was lovely. xoxo

Comment by mireille

oh, i am a conisour, for sure (just not a connoisseur)


and the godawfuls are on their way out because they are just that

i’m sorry you feel duped – does it help to know that i’ve also been self-deluding?

Comment by Urban Chick

Mrs Chick, you have attracted the shoe fetishists. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Comment by Dave F

You are so brave, getting rid of all these handbags and shoes. What will be next? HOpefully not the chicklets;-)

Comment by frangelita

but do you where heels? that’s what i’d like to know.

your working shoes look best waved goodbye. i did comfy shoes the year before last before realising slutty shoes rule! all the way!

plus i had a very sexy tattoo done on my foot last year that i can’t wait to show off in the office in my faith stilettos come the summer….

oh lord, will the small person never stop coughing?

Comment by surly girl

kick those babies (not the real babies! gasp!) to the curb and let the good times roll! good job UC, you are quite the poet.

Comment by Kyahgirl

The anonymous at the top is NOT me.

Comment by Dave F


Comfort is king
But UC’s shoes are *the thing*.

This took me a good two minutes to compose so no snarky comments please, I’m exhausted.

Comment by mig bardsley

I can’t stop giggling how dusty some of the footwear is!
Bravo on the big clean!

Comment by Calliope

wonderful !! …..there is nothing that makes my motor run quite like “slutty” anything!! :-)…especially shoes…..and…wonderful lyrics to boot!! 🙂 thanks for sharing with an admiring world!! Zig.

Comment by Zigstar554

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