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A hardy people
February 16, 2006, 1:07 pm
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I’ve always had a deep-seated respect for the Chinese people for enduring such utter hell under a nutty dictator in decades not so long gone. But my respect has deepened once again after seeing the fall suffered by their figure skater Zhang Dan at the Winter Olympics earlier this week.


Not for her any of this lying around whining and limb-clutching, draping limp arms around physiotherapists that you see with footballers. Oh no! Within ten minutes, she was up and on the ice again and she and her partner went on to win Silver.



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I watched that too, and I was in total shock. It’s amazing what these athletes can do – and there were two female skiers in the downhill yesterday who did that as well. Though they didn’t medal.

Comment by Esther

I missed that but have no doubt they deserve the placement they received. Its amazing what grit these athletes have. Pain is just one more thing to overcome.

(I have been recently in the sinus Olympics dontcha know? Gold medalist I am, for most gallons of liquid produced and most gigahertz of pain endured :-))

Comment by Kyahgirl

*Must watch Olympics*

Comment by Pashmina

Rick Deckard writes: A close inspection of the picture linked to reveals this dancer is in fact an android. The white stuff instead of blood is a big clue.

Comment by Dave F

See footballers and rugby players are rubbish when it comes to pain. You watch gymnastics and sometimes they fall off the beam and land on alternatively their snatch or their head and then, knowing it’s virtually imjpossible to win after such a serious mistake, get up and finish the rest of the routine flawlessly. Best athletes by far if you ask me. And possibly at the most risk of brain damage.

Comment by frangelita

I would most definitely still be on the ice demanding that someone bring me hot cocoa at regular intervals.
Hurrah to that poor brave girl.

Comment by Whinger

I missed it but I am impressed anyway.
Respect definitely.

Sometimes I wonder if footballers should take acting lessons. The hamming up of injuries could be so much more interesting.

Comment by mig bardsley

I was so miffed I missed this, and now I can’t watch their program until nbc decides they can finally release it on their online site (to my part of the world)

Darn it. Why does figure skating have to be on live at 2 in the morning and repeated at 2 in the afternoon? POO!

Comment by SBB

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