My salad dressing days

February 12, 2006, 11:03 pm
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Well that sucks. Insofar as I could read before you were cut off. Still, this qualifies as the best one-word post I’ve ever read: A single word, and yet I feel so strangely informed. Hope you get a new keyboard shortly!

Comment by katiedid

At first I thought that’s clever, I could never type that long without at least one space sneaking in (and some mmmms and bbbbs).

Well I hope keyboard shaking and emptying work. If not hope you get a new keyboard VERY soon 🙂

Comment by mig bardsley

they come apart you know 🙂

I learned this the hard way, and being a ‘miss do it yourself computer fixer upper’ discovered there is quite a bit you can do on your own. Nothing ventured, nothing gained UC.

Comment by Kyahgirl


Comment by frangelita

I’ve had a sticky space bar at work for months but they won’t fix it. Christ! they only cost £12. I don’t even try to get it to work. They can have everything as one word. WhatdoIcare?

Comment by Tickersoid

Oh nuts. Been there before. I’m so sorry.

Comment by Jonniker

Go on, lever it off. I dare you.

While you’re at it you could swap some letters around and watch confusion reign…

Comment by funny thing

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