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Look me in the eye and tell me
February 7, 2006, 1:41 pm
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Posted by Picasathat you’ve never owned a pair of clogs.

I’ve owned two pairs. And this was after seeing Motherhen wear them in the 1970s and thinking they were monumentally uncool.

(This pair are finally going to the big shoe shop in the sky. *waves*)


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i have never owned a pair of clogs.

who do you think i am? carol leader?

Comment by surly girl

ooh, a timeslip….how come geoff’s comment was already here but now i’m first?

Comment by surly girl

I have never owned a pair of clogs.

Who do you think I am? Brian May?

Comment by Geoff

I have never owned a pair of clogs.

Who do you think I am? A little mouse who lives in a windmill in old Amsterdam?

(Actually, I’m lying. I bought a pair when platforms came back into fashion in the early ’90’s. I figured that as my mother had forced me to wear sensible Clarks shoes in the early 70’s when they were in before, I had to get my own way at last).

Comment by Betty

are you kidding? I have owned several pair-I will stand up proudly and be counted as a hippie freak!!

What I am wearing now are Danskos. They are like clogs but with a back. Orthopedic and everything! I really am turning into a pathetic old person aren’t I? Don’t answer that.

Comment by Kyahgirl

And to think I actually was foolish enough to buy a pair from JCrew last year. They are truly awful. Aside from aesthetics, how the hell do they stay on one’s feet? Mine slide right out, so they aren’t even an option.

Comment by Jonniker

Not only do I own more than one pair; I wear them.

Comment by Jenny G

Oh I was ALL ABOUT the Birkenstocks in college.

And I may still have a pair.

Comment by Whinger

Yeah, I had the clog variant in the 90s. Kind of a leather strapped high heeled clog with studs.


Ta ta clogs, you won’t regret it. Until in about 7 years clogs are back in fashion again, and as happens you’ll think they’re actually okay.

Comment by Martha


Just found your comments back at my gaff. Bit late, I know. Sorry.

Does everyone here know you want to swap pants? WELL NOW THEY DO!
Everyone, Run! She’s weird…..

ps. I’ve never had clogs but I’ve got a very sexy pair of steel toe-capped wellies, do they count?

Please don’t make me feel different…

Comment by funny thing

Funny thing: A love of shoes, no matter what shoe, is ever a case for being different. Ask the female population of the world…

UC: Never owned a pair, either, I’m afraid…

Comment by Hannah

mother hen and i have much in common. you all sound like little girls. i had a pair in the ’60’s’, yes, i said ’60’s. they were sooo kewl. berkinstocks, back then were ‘earth shoes’ (uglyyyyyy) were for granola munchers, clogs were for us more adventurous types, if you know what i mean. lol, lol, lol. aaaahhhhh, thanks for the memories.

Comment by Anonymous

I have a pair of Naot from college (like Birkenstocks, but Israeli) that I still wear sometimes. I’ll never get rid of them!

Comment by Esther

I have never owned a pair of clogs. Are they comfy ??

Comment by Meow

I could look you in the eye and tell you I have owned some? But they hurt my feet so I stopped owning them.

Comment by mig bardsley

I had a pair of clogs once. Pink clogs! After this admission I can’t look anyone in the eye.

Comment by colombina

I’ve owned several pairs of clogs. I wore clogs for the last time in 1977: there is a whole series of pictures of me wearing those wonderful, dark red clogs (with a very thick sole) in Jerusalem at the time. They were very comfortable, but I couldn’t wear proper shoes for years after that: I couldn’t bear anything against the backs of my heels. I had to graduate to trainers, then to shoes.

Comment by Bela

Once owned a pair of bright yellow clogs with black edging. Horrid.

Comment by MJ

navy blue suede with crepe soles. They were a birthday gift from my grandmother. I was about 10, it was 1975. Haven’t owned another pair since.

Comment by Shadowtracker

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