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Identity crisis
February 7, 2006, 8:27 pm
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Posted by PicasaThank you for the days, those endless days, those sacred days…

It’s sort of like when you get the flu and everyone says: ‘oh, there’s a lot of it going about’. Isn’t there always?

Except that there does seem to be quite a bit of blog loathing, blogger’s block and blogistential crises going about just now.

Never one to miss the opportunity to leap onto the back of a bandwagon, I have decided to have a therapeutic identity crisis.

I mean, just what’s urban about this chick? says it’s “a sassy young city girl who knows all the best clubs and treats her mobile phone better than her pet dog”.


Sassy? C’est ne pas moi. As for clubs, bookclubs in south London maybe, but I don’t have a pet dog and my mobile phone is destined for the ‘Early examples of the cellular phone’ exhibition at the Design Museum.

And truth be known, I’m not all that bothered about shoes and handbags (*hears sharp intakes of breath all round*), or else why would I be bundling the above into a black bag and giving it to Oxfam.

Plus I’ve been hanging out on Mig’s blog and harbouring hankerings over her pictures of rural idylls.

Oh dear.

Anyhoo, unless I have totally blown apart your mental image of me, keep the faith, dear readers: I hope to continue scrabbling around in the sawdust for as much blogworthy material as I can sink my chicken-shit-covered claws into.

This chick has come home to roost…*

* I have no idea what I mean by this, but thought it sounded rather cool as a closing sentence


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yes, a very cool ending. 🙂

Now that you’re out of the closet, are you going to start blogging about the farmyard and cow patties?

Comment by Kyahgirl

Yeah there is definately a lot of it about at the moment. I’m finding it very hard to get the motivation to blog at the moment.

I was in London this weekend with the boyfriend, we were sat outside the Eat by festival hall when I saw the most georgous hand bag, my second thought after “that’s a nice bag” was “I wonder if it’s the sort of bag UC would like”

Comment by Jane

Perhaps it’s February malaise manifesting itself on blogs.

I would miss you, UC, if you gave it up. Not that you threatened to…just saying.

Comment by Whinger

that was me, jane

i was that bag

and laura, yes, blogging about cow shit is very much on my agenda

ooh, whingey one – i am so definitely not threatening to give up…maybe…i don’t think

if i was, i would go the whole hog and host a poll (‘do you really really love me and want me to keep blogging’ OR ‘couldn’t you care less’?? YOU decide)

Comment by Urban Chick

Excellent then.

Comment by Whinger

It’s the weather/time of year/existential abyss. Gets to us all from time to time.
So is there life after shoes and bags? Can’t wait to find out what you think of it 🙂

And I’m so overwhelmed, I shall go around telling people, UC said….:)

Comment by mig bardsley

didn’t you just buy that orange bag? I mean, I never really dug it but at least keep it in your wardrobe for the statuory 6 months before ditching…

Comment by subrban bantam

you go, uc! yeah!

*trudges off to wallow a bit more*

Comment by surly girl

suburban bantam: yes, ’tis the self same bag

although i did fib just a little, because it hasn’t gone to oxfam, it’s gone back to tk maxx (WHERE IT BELONGED)

it was just too tangerine in the end…

Comment by Urban Chick

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