My salad dressing days

Celebrity red pepper
February 27, 2006, 11:08 pm
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[Click to enlarge. Label reads ‘Red Pepper. As seen on TV.’]

I’ll admit to having avoided the last series of Big Brother but did I miss something?

Has there been a reality TV show about the Grubby Lives of Britain’s Vegetables?

Has there?

Need to know.


Happy Birthday, darling chicklets!
February 25, 2006, 4:46 pm
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[Cake courtesy of Motherhen. Recipe available on request.]

I have the Woman ‘Flu
February 24, 2006, 4:57 pm
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That’s the type where every cell in your body aches and you start to wonder whether if you hung around outside your local hospital, you might be able to score some morphine from an impoverished nursing student, but you carry on regardless in your role as unpaid slave to two people of short stature (except you are sort of lying because it just so happens that your parents are in town for a few days and love nothing better than to care for their sick child, however old she may be).

[And your mother has an extra spring in her step after being wolf-whistled on the concourse of a London train station on the journey here.]

It’s desperately uncool but I can’t help myself
February 23, 2006, 1:39 pm
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I love country and western music.

The more bluegrassy, the better.

Dolly, Johnny, Tammy, Emmylou, the Dixie Chicks – I love ’em all. More so since I saw the brilliant Johnny Cash bio-flick ‘Walk The Line’ (featuring the delicious Joaquin Phoenix).

Why does this feel like another dirty little secret?

**makes plans to take lessons in banjo, or the autoharp, or the fiddle…**

P.S. Did you know that if you listen to Magic 105.4FM between the hours of 1-3am you are guaranteed to hear ‘Islands in the stream’? Insomnia was never so much fun.

How can I stop the chicklets
February 22, 2006, 4:09 pm
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from liking these people?

[And dammit, in the act of creating the link above, they have become even more excited to see ‘weegles on pooter, mumma!’. Oh gawd…]

The Spring 2006 Declutter continues
February 20, 2006, 1:40 pm
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The Working Girl Suits left these shores as part of The Spring 2005 Declutter. This year sees the departure of the Working Girl Shoes (and Handbags). So it’s toodle-oo to dull, dark, sensible footwear!

As is traditional with the passing of former icons, I have adapted a couple of verses of that well-known Elton John classic in their memory…

Goodbye working shoes!
Even though you were dull and dark,
You kept my feet so comfortable
As I stomped across the park
Walking to the office.
I often thought I should wear a heel
But it just wasn’t sensible
(Though the idea did appeal.)

And it seemed to me
That you lived your lives
Just like uncomplaining slaves:
Never knowing where I’d walk you
When the rain set in.
And I could have learned to love you
But you were not my thing.
I much prefer my kitten heels
And the joy that they can bring.

Internal monologue
February 20, 2006, 1:37 pm
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So, here’s the thing.

I’m not saying I don’t want to blog (I want to! I want to!).

I’m not even saying (to myself, on my own, into the void that is my living room) ‘whither blogging?’ because we’re beyond that now, aren’t we?

(Aren’t we?)

This much I know is true:

Blogging is compelling. Um, QED.

When I first heard about blogging, I immediately thought: I must blog! It’s so obvious! I must blog! (And so I blogged etc.)

There is more stuff I could blog about then I have/do: some rich material, but mostly tittle-tattle.

Blogging makes me feel happy.

Blogging makes me feel grumpy.

BUT. Big But(t) = mine.

I’ve gone off my monniker. I feel I might be overstating things a little.

Yes, I live in a large conurbation and technically speaking, if ‘chick’ merely denotes my membership of the female gender, I am a ‘chick’. But I’m not a chick sort of a chick.

Oh, and I’ve been playing away from home too.

There have been, er, are other blogs.

But no, you don’t know them. And besides, it’s over with them (probably).

And then there’s the peripatetic crumb under my keyboard. First it was the space bar, then it was ‘n’ and now it’s ‘ppppppppppppppp’ (see, had to work hard at that).

And the angst – La Surl’s 200th post hit the nail on the proverbial.

But I’m making excuses now, aren’t I? And I said I wasn’t blogging, didn’t I?


So…let’s talk SOLUTIONS:

1. I shall figure out how to set up and buy a trendy URL (like her, her and her). This will probably take me four years, so don’t worry about changing your link until the late Noughties.

2. I might disable comments.

3. I might not disable comments.

4. I will assemble a working party to brainstorm ideas for a new monniker. I’m thinking of inviting the agency who developed the name for the organisation which grew from a merger of the Benefits Agency and Job Centre. One million squid and they came up with Job Centre Plus. Wow.

5. I will alienate my three remaining readers with extensive bouts of navel-gazing and endless posts in which I pontificate on the blogworthiness of blogging about blogging.

But before you slip into a light coma, a poll on a subject that really matters

Donny Osmond: hot or not?
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