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Warning: contains allusion to sexual activity
January 31, 2006, 12:05 pm
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OK. I’ve decided that I’m no longer worried about the people* who get here by searching the interweb for photos of ‘defecating women’.

I’m now concerned that someone from Australia arrived here having looked for advice on ‘how to lick out a chick’. [Don’t complain – I told you in the title what you were to expect from this post. Quick! Hit ‘next blog’.]

But what makes me laugh more than the thought of how disappointed this person was to end up here is what MSN suggested they might really being trying to search for.

How or why might one try to lock out a check**?

* including yesterday’s visitor from Baghdad
** assuming that what MSN means is what we in Britain call a ‘cheque’


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wasn’t me. promise. true story.

Comment by Justine

we can’t hit next blog though. Don’t know if this is just a Firefox quirk but the make poverty history banner disables the next blog feature. Weird or what?

Comment by GreatSheElephant

MSN programme has a lateral thinking problem?

Comment by mig bardsley

It’s amazing what people turn to the Internet for these days. I suppose it’s good in a way — more information in some areas can’t hurt. I hope.

Comment by Whinger

I say, good on that guy for wanting to learn how to please his bedmate!

Comment by Violet

I’ve stopped payment on a check (cheque)a few times.
For what it’s worth.

Comment by Nigel Patel

what kind of advice could the www give said australian though? was he/she looking for illustrations? maybe a little filmette? or just bog standard instruction manual jargon 1. arrange chick in comfortable position. etc. intriguing.

Comment by spindleshanks

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