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Chambermaids who aspire to the Turner prize
January 31, 2006, 6:54 pm
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See now, I’d rather pay £20 less per night and live without the towel sculptures. (Still, they beat Tracey Emin’s unmade bed hands down.)


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Now, I dunno… I’m rather a fan of the swan. Though if they could do an entire tableau (say, Noah’s Ark), I would be rather more impressed.

Comment by Hannah

You could see the swan as company, and people pay an awful lot for that in a hotel.

Comment by Martha

there’s certainly an element of craftsmanship in that swan, which is lacking in Emin’s work…

Comment by Violet

The one on the left is rather worrying…am I missing something or is it some sort of well, limp animal?

Comment by mig bardsley

we had a towel turkey left for us in mexico, and, rather worryingly, one that we could only assume was a towel fanny (it had a ladybutton and everything).


Comment by surly girl

Peculiar. as long as there are plenty of towels (I rarely remember to pack them cos they take up so much room) I don’t matter how they are sculpted (although could live without ladybuttons)

Comment by frangelita

is that a swan or a king cobra????

I think the less people contorting my towel before I use it the better…but that is just me 😉

Comment by Calliope

The towel ssculpture are nice,
Good thing, you know you have towels there.
Bad thing, you might find the too cute, to not use them at all.

Comment by jessica_sweet_tv

Surely that is not a swan – it is a peacock with a cobra tail!

Comment by Sitara

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