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Guilty pleasures (not the first either)
January 30, 2006, 1:32 pm
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An hour.

An hour was all it took in TK Maxx and I was walking out the door with not one, but two handbags.

The Other Handbag very much fell into the Notablinkoftheeye category insomuch as it set me back under a tenner.

But this one. Oh, THIS ONE.

In no way, shape or form can I justify the purchase of this one. Other than…

it marks a welcome departure from my dark colour leanings. (Woo hoo, I thought, it’s burnt orange in a sea of browns and blacks. Actually it’s more tangerine.)

it’s simplicity personified (nay, handbagified) in an age of endless and excessive buckles and clips.

I’ve never done a handbag which you have no choice but to loop over your arm or swing at knee level. I usually insist on tuck-it-under-your-armpit-length straps or a sling-it-diagonally-across-your-person-so-as-it-cuts-into-the-crevice-between-your-boobs style.

But alas, I am not Catholic, so there are no rosary beads to rub, Hail Marys to recite or confessions to attend.

So…I have vowed to donate two old handbags to my local Oxfam shop.

Oh, and I might buy a packet of Fairtrade coffee whilst I’m in there.

(I think that pretty much cancels it out.)


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I bought three pairs of boots at TK Maxx on Saturday.

Comment by GreatSheElephant

wow – that makes me feel a lot better…

Comment by Urban Chick

Oh there’s no need for penance here. God loves beautiful things, and it is INDEED beatiful.

Comment by Whinger

I’m with Whinger. Yay for beautiful, beautiful bags. Now all you need is a new pair of shoes to go with it…

Comment by Hannah

you said it, hannah (like i needed permission…)


Comment by Urban Chick

God gave us TK Maxx so we could indulge in guilt free shopping. This is also why She gave us H&M and Matalan.

Go on, spend spend spend 🙂

Comment by Fuckkit

I would never have been able to resist such a beautiful bag either. In fact, inspired by your purchase I’ve just been out trying to find something as nice, but no joy.

Comment by Martha

I can’t do burnt orange (I’m a blue/red), but I like that bag very much. My three handbags (I’m very frugal) come from TK Maxx, and they’re all beautiful.

Carry it in health! 🙂

Comment by Bela

I bought a basque-thing at the weekend for God’s sake!

It is cream and gold brocade and the intention is to wear it with my brown tuxedo to a gala dinner I have coming up. Although deep down I know that I will be too scared to wear it. At least handbags are practical, and your new one looks “roomy”.

It was only a tenner though.

Comment by Kellycat

That’s a beautiful bag … bet it holds a lot of stuff !!! Enjoy it, that’s what it’s all about. Girls need their bags, it’s as simple as that !!!

Comment by Meow

that bag is SHINEY! 🙂

i loved the equestrian saddling up do-hickies and chains they had all over everything the last year… I even like the military jackets. i don’t know. past life or something.

Comment by Justine

Ooh, Burnt Orange, sleek. I have to go to TKMaxx. There must be something unneccesary and desirable there for me too.

Comment by mig bardsley

Lovely bag. I’ve been hankering after that kind of shade of orange for some time now so am overcome with envy.

I can hear TK Maxx calling, calling.. though someone told me recently the Hammersmith one was rubbish.

Comment by Pashmina

Pashmina, that someone was lying deliberately to stop you from going there and buying all the good stuff: the Hammersmith branch is THE best in the whole of London. I just hope we don’t have the same tastes. LOL!

Comment by Bela

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