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The lies parents tell
January 27, 2006, 2:26 pm
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Overheard in a London restaurant earlier this month:

Woman [talking into mobile]: ‘Hi Dad. Yes, I’m just having a drink with a work colleague, so I won’t be home until 8ish. That OK? Great. Yes, put him on…Hi, sweetie! How was your day? Good! Now, listen, Mummy’s train has been delayed so she won’t be home in time to give you your bath, but Grandad will bath you. Is that OK, darling? I’ll come and kiss you goodnight when I get in. Be a good boy for Grandad now, won’t you? Bye!’


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I think this is known as a white lie – no-one gets hurt, right?

Comment by frangelita

I love overhearing other people’s lies. Especially when they’re on station platforms, pretending to be much further advanced in their journey than they really are (for some reason).

Just think – we never had these opportunities for mendacity before mobile phones came along. I’m sure that’s why videophones have never really taken off, 3G or no 3G.

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Comment by Pashmina

lol at pashmina’s word verification. somewhere out there that really exists. Probably

Comment by GreatSheElephant

Honestly, this annoys me. I’m stodgy and old-fashioned though, and think it’s better to teach a child by good example than with empty words. And it’s hard to set a good example if you’re not in the habit of being honest. What would be so terrible to tell your kid that Mommy is taking a little outing with her friend, and that she’ll be home soon? It gives your child the very reasonable notion that adults need adult friends, and teaches him/her that being a parent doesn’t mean becoming a hermit and a slave to your child. THat is a much more healthy attitude to raise a kid with than let them grow with this lie that being a loving parent means having no life of your own. I truly don’t understand the logic of a lie like this.

Comment by katiedid

yeah, what katiedid said!

Comment by Kyahgirl

I agree with Katiedid. Though I’m not sure that’s old fashioned. I think being truthful to children has always been rare.
Of course one can still be economical.

Comment by mig bardsley

reminds me of when my mum said to me, “You wouldn’t like these chocolates, they’re for adults.”

me – [totally trusting] “but why wouldn’t i like them, mummy?”

mum – [sucking the choclate off a piece of ginger, pausing to savour it before remembering I was there] “oh you don’t like ginger and these nuts and things that are in these chocolates.”

me – “may i try one?’

mum – [putting the box somewhere high] “No.”


I’d love her even more if she’d try and STOP me from eating chocolates now 🙂

Comment by Justine

I tell my little one everything. Then again, she’s three so I’m banking on her still being a tad clueless on stuff.

Comment by Maidink

i think you all missed it. she began this by lying to her dad. just like in high school. tells him she is somewhere she is not and he is left taking care of her child. the kid won’t remember this little white lie but its probably a common occurance with her father. good old dad will handle it. some things never change, unfortunately.

Comment by Anonymous

ok, i am drunk. she didn’t lie to her father. gee, maybe this is left over from me lying to mine.

Comment by Anonymous

My uncle was having a mobile conversation on a street in London. In respense to the question ‘Where are you working next week?’ he replied ‘I’m in Amsterdam’.

A woman overheard this and started yelling at him ‘How dare you lie’ etc.

She was pretty embarrassed when he set her straight. Interfering old bag.

Comment by Spinsterella

I’m with the katiedid group. And unreasonably irked about the shoving the child off on the grandfather — who probably loves taking care of the child — but whose child is it, after all? Oh, I can feel this middle-aged rant coming on. Must go now. xoxo

Comment by mireille

Katie’s said it all.

I was on a bus once when a guy said loudly into his mobile, “Darling, I’m still at the office!” The entire bus shouted,”No, you’re not!” LOL!

Comment by Bela

Bela – LOL!

Comment by Justine

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