My salad dressing days

Whenever I see James Spader all I can think of is
January 26, 2006, 1:38 pm
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sexual perversion.

Which might be somewhat unfair.

I mean, what if in real life he is a pretty straight sort of a guy?

Oh no. That’s Tony Blair.

Always get muddled up.

[See what happens when you take a break from blogging?]


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Comment by uban

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Texas, Plano, United States, 0 returning visits

if you’re not seeing spam above this comment, then i am clearly losing my mind and need help so please call motherhen without further ado

Comment by Urban Chick

Regarding the spam, you are not losing your mind. However, your post is quite diverting; all I can see is a picture of James Spader (yuck) and the words “sexual perversion”. Nothing else. Clearly your mini-break to Sidcup (or wherever it was) did you no good at all. I suggest you get on the Eurostar smartish for a weekende in Paree before it all falls apart completely.

Comment by the plate invigilator

Texas, Plano, United States

That says it all!!!

Comment by Anonymous

James Spader used to kind of give me the creeps. But seeing as you’ve now asscoiated the phrase “sexual perversions” to him I’m kind of warming to him.

I think I need to get out more…

Comment by Spinsterella

Is your break over? Yay!!

I see spam but have ignored it.

James Spader, meh.

*yippee, UC is back*

Comment by Kyahgirl

You just need one look at Spader, those appraising lazy eyes, the libertine lips, the hidden persona,
to know he is capable of anything in that regard. When David Cronenberg showed him the script of Crash, a giant car wreck of sexual perversity, his comment to the master was: “Well, I get to fuck everyone in the movie [and that meant both sexes]”. Cronenberg says he knew the guy was right for the part then.

Comment by Dave F

I’ve always loved James Spader, even (especially?) when he plays evil jerks (Steff in Pretty in Pink and Rip in Less Than Zero, not to mention his role in Secretary – *swoon*).

Comment by Diana

Glad you’re back 🙂
I don’t think I’ve seen this James Spader person before. Now I know what to think if I see him again I can’t wait.
Ho ho.

Comment by mig bardsley

all my friends mothers have that haircut!

Comment by Justine

Funny, I’m getting that feeling nowadays whenever I see a Liberal-Democrat flyer. This may increase the likelihood of me voting for them. Sort of “Tories with irony.” Is James Spader one of their leadership candidates?

Comment by Stef the engineer

There is something slightly dirty about that man’s face… He looks like a pervert, in fact he seemed his least perverted in Secretary…
*shudders in a strange and slightly unpleasant manner*

Comment by The Lady Muck

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