My salad dressing days

Just another Friday morning at Casa Chickadee
January 13, 2006, 1:26 pm
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hanging out with our squashes*: Eddie (left), Mabel (middle) and Hans (right).

(Mabel is pretty pissed off with Hans, after he took Class A drugs on their anniversary, so best friend Eddie – who’s always had a thing for Mabel – is hoping to move in on her broken heart.)

* of course, the chicklets are calling them ‘beans’ and giving them cups of tea from their pretend teaset…which is fine

Happy Friday, y’all!


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thats not lime curd in the background is it…

Comment by suburban bantam

Good point, sb, that question was never actually answered by uc. Myself, I’ve only ever eaten lemon curd. Are they related?
c u soon, btw!

Comment by motherhen

ah, dramatic intrigue in the chick household!

Happy weekend UC!

(yes, yes, I know, I use too many exclamation marks, I can’t help it.)

Comment by Kyahgirl

Am inspired by the amount of adorable to get on plane to arrive at next tea time. Set an extra place, please.

Comment by Whinger

Won’t the chicklets be upset if they ever find out the truth?

Comment by mig bardsley

Mmm, Bonne Maman jam.

Comment by patroclus

Mabel looks as if she is standing in between a couple of leering drunks at the bar who are making lewd comments and belching at regular intervals as she ignores them and waits impatiently for her mate to come back from the ladies.

I always have to see the dark side …

Comment by Betty

I like their little hats.

Comment by Geoff

uc, you have just reminded me that on my 11th birthday my mum wrote happy birthday on a butternut squash for me instead of a card. so, a squash-art kindred spirit for you!

Comment by spindleshanks

ahh yes, the secret life of squash!

Comment by Shadowtracker

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