My salad dressing days

I just blew in from the Windy City
January 11, 2006, 2:02 pm
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A family favourite. Gotta love Doris. (At least, I do.)


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Many ladies have, I believe.

Comment by Wyndham

Doris stokes my fire.

Comment by Geoff

geez, I used to have a coat like that. brings back memories.

I haven’t seen a Doris Day movie forever. Can you even get them anymore? How old are you anyway UC? 🙂

Comment by Kyahgirl

They’re reissuing them on DVD at the moment. Pillow Talk, Pyjama Game etc. I recommend At Long Last Love as a terrific homage to the DD genre.

BTW I saw her interviewed in a documentary about the tragic Rock Hudson recently. She’s remarkably well preserved (unless she popped off subsequently).

Comment by Dave F

she is fab – watched a great documentary all about her a week or so ago – she was in Calamity when she about 25 or something – she always looked the same – about 40…
Calamity’s my fave, Pyjama Game’ great too.
Amazon has lots of DVDa

Comment by yclepta

Oh god – I LOVE that film. My (5’2″, Chinese) Dad has a dreadful Doris fetish, which pisses off my (5’8″, blonde) mother no end. A family favourite. She’s brilliant.

Comment by Liz

Guess I should try and see it sometime!

Comment by Justine

What a fabulous film. I think I’ve seen it a dozen or more times. I just love Doris Day … my favorite would have to be Pillow Talk, and Yours Mine & Ours. Great fun.
Have a great day,

Comment by Meow

Does she like lime curd, too? What’s lime curd? xoxo

Comment by mireille

You know that game you play with relations at Christmas where someone sticks a post-it to your forehead and you have to guess the name on the post-it. My mum once gave me Wild Bill Hickock for god’s sake! (I still got it within 12 guesses though.)

Comment by Kellycat

What you bloggers probably don’t know is that Urbanchick and her sisters can reel off, word perfect, EVERY song – and even some of the dialogue – from Calamity Jane. Slap my thigh, I ain’t joshin’!

Comment by motherhen

oh mother hen! tell us more secrets about UC. We love to know these things 😉

Comment by Kyahgirl

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