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If in doubt, blog about a new handbag
January 9, 2006, 10:18 pm
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Specifically, the pleasure derived from a new, unanticipated handbag, which took the form of a belated birthday present from a friend.

The picture betrays its monstrous capacity. Today, in addition to my own essential items, I managed to transport a pack of nappies, a hardback copy of ‘War and peace’, an industrial-sized jar of lime curd and a small child in its voluminous pockets.

Marvellous. Just plain marvellous.

(Thanks, C!)


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you have time for war and peace? with chicklets? i’m impressed!

Comment by spindleshanks

War and Peace. Get you!

Comment by Wyndham

ok, so i might have been fibbing about war and peace

it’s called artistic licence

i was merely trying to give y’all a sense of the voluminosity of my handbag

but i wasn’t kidding about the lime curd and small child

Comment by Urban Chick

Voluminosity! Get you!

Comment by Wyndham

Oh my – just THINK of the possibilities for what could be carried ’round. Fantastic.

Comment by Whinger

I’ve heard the new translation is a Must Read, even if you’ve already read it before.

Nice bag, BTW!

Comment by Justine

mmmmmm lime curd. Get you! 🙂

Comment by Jane

The pack of nappies is what really impressed me.
That would be what Ruth calls a ‘mummy bag’ perhaps?

Comment by mig bardsley

so which one of the chicklets got left behind? You couldn’t leave out War and Peace, or maybe the curd thing, and take them both in the bag?

Comment by Kyahgirl

Ooh – capacious. And pretty. Gurgle.

Comment by Liz

That is a VERY sexy bag indeed. But, er, why the lime curd…?

Comment by Hannah

All the best handbags should have tardis/Mary Poppins-like qualities.

I would use that one for my hand luggage.

Comment by Kellycat

Very nice bag. I couldn’t carry it, though: sounds too heavy. I’m a weakling. 😦

Comment by Bela

lime curd. on thick white hand-cut bread. with real butter. Right Now.

Comment by surly girl

If in doubt, blog about a new handbag
Couldn’t agree more. And a mighty fine handbag it is too; UC: I salute you.

Always a big fan of the capacious bag myself, which come to think of it might be why my back hurts.

Comment by Pashmina

Great Bag!
My handbags look like small pieces of luggage. They weigh a good 10-15 pounds and hard to close.
They have been weighed at WW.

Comment by Annieytown

cute! What’s lime curd? And what do you do with it? Inquiring minds … xoxo

Comment by mireille

M, lime curd is the same as lemon curd, only made with limes. It’s like a thick custard. It’s made with lemon/lime juice, zest, egg, butter and sugar. It’s used as a filling for lemon tarts and, as SG says, it’s also lovely on bread. I make a mean lemon curd. Pity you live so far away. I can send you the recipe, if you like. 🙂

Comment by Bela

Mmm, on holiday we got some passionfruit curd, which is very nice eaten straight from a spoon. However, sadly I haven’t a lovely big bag to transport it in.

Very lovely bag.

Comment by Martha

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