My salad dressing days

January 8, 2006, 8:53 pm
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Last night I ate a yoghurt whilst sitting on the loo*.

Although I didn’t know it at the time, I guess reading the newspaper on the loo was the first step.

To be frank, it’s quite a novelty to be going the loo without my entourage (The Son and The Daughter). So I tend to get rather excited when it is a solitary affair and I start to harbour all manner of crazy notions.

Like the yoghurt thing.

I can’t say I planned it. But I had decided to retire early (leaving The Husband watching ‘Downfall’ on Sky Plus – goodness! who can face something like that on a Saturday night?) and I could think of no more thrilling way to spend my pre-slumber minutes than with a Yeo Valley organic fat free rhubarb yoghurt and a book.

I got to the bathroom, sat myself on the loo and thought: ‘Hey! I could speed things along a little by eating the yoghurt now, so the book-reading can commence as soon as I get into bed. Bingo!’

Or maybe that should have been: ‘Eureka!’.

It occurred to me that it is exactly this sort of multi-tasking that we women are supposed to be so skilled at.

Well done us!

Anyhoo. Off to bed I sloped to snuggle up in my brushed cotton jimjams with my book when I realised I would need to go back to the bathroom to brush my teeth.


* it was a Number One, thank you very much (one has one’s standards)


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