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Complete the following sentence
January 8, 2006, 10:05 pm
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Sitting in a queue of traffic coming back from the shops, I was tantalised by the sticker on the rear window of a white Ford transit van:

‘When I die, bury me upside down so the whole world can [AT LEAST TWO WORDS OBSCURED]’

I’ve been wondering what those words might have been ever since.

It seems I will never know the answer, so I thought a second best would be to ask you folk to come up with some suggestions for my amusement.

[I might even offer a small prize to the winner! It might even be a postcard from me! This might be an added incentive for some people! But I doubt it.]

An aside:
Oh-oh. The people looking for ‘defecating women’ are back again. This time they’re from Italy. And they join the splendid ranks of folk who have unwittingly hit upon my blog whilst searching for a ‘chick with balls’ and a ‘chick f*cking a dog’. Welcome one and all!


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I was so intrigued that I Googled it to see if I could find out the actual answer. It’s actually upsettingly base, and perfectly in keeping with the setting (i.e., white van).

The missing words are “kiss my a**”. I can’t bring myself to type it in full, as it just doesn’t go with the rest of your blog (I like to think of you as “Urbane Chick”…)

Do I get my postcard now?

Comment by the plate invigilator

oh gawd

how did i not guess that?

postcard is all yours…of course, i already know where you live

**raises one eyebrow and twiddles with goatee beard in sinister fashion**

Comment by Urban Chick

It is “kiss my ass,” though I suppose since you’re across the sea it said “kiss my arse?”

I’d fill it in with “see I looked as good leaving as I did coming.” Actually, I guess since I’d be dead we could change “looked” to “look” since technically I’d be leaving anyhow.

Or maybe I’d fill it in with “continue with its regular schedule of never getting off my back.”

Comment by katiedid

Late as usual, me. But I didn’t guess it anyway, it was in a funny book someone got over Christmas.

Comment by mig bardsley

Most people seem to find my blog by googling, “36C Puppies”, “Nasty Girls” (??), or increasingly, “Ben Ando”. One even found me by typing in “Fiona Phillips Tights”

And now I’ve left this comment, they’ll find you too…

Comment by Kellycat

well, it begs the question. would it be arse or ass?

Comment by Kyahgirl

‘When I die, bury me upside down so the whole world can SEE MY FAVORITE PAIR OF SHOES’

lol, lol, sorry, I just laugh at myself most of the time anyway.


Comment by Anonymous

I, too, have the weird Google encounters.

Clearly from the URL this is not what they’re after…but perhaps they are not that bright.

Comment by Whinger

My boyfriend said the ending should be “smell my feet ” y answer is “admire how well I can balance on my head”.

Comment by frangelita

There’s a bloke on Box Hill buried head first.

I didn’t do it.

Comment by Geoff

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