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What in tarnation…?
January 7, 2006, 12:49 pm
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Prize for the first person to send in a translation of this.


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Hiya Urban Chick!

Do you like ants? It,s a poem about two ants who,d like to travel to Australia from Ringelnatz… strange poem and the poet was even stranger 😉

Here it goes:

Zwei Ameisen

Es waren einmal
zwei Ameisen
die wollten nach Australien reisen
doch bei Altona auf der Chaussee
da taten ihnen die Beinchen weh
und da verzichteten sie weise
auf den letzten Teil der Reise.

(Joachim Ringelnatz)

If you like to take a look:
or search at Wikipedia under “Joachim Ringelnatz”

Hope I could be of any help!

The Muse Andrea

Comment by Anonymous

that’s the one! i never knew who the author was so thanks for that!

will still award a prize to the person who translates it in full…

Comment by Urban Chick

Oh…I thought you wanted a translation of “this” – here goes: esto, ceci, dies, questo, dit, isto, dette…

Clearly I was mistaken…

Comment by the plate invigilator

There were once
two ants
who wanted to travel to australia
with Altona on the Chaussee.
There their Beinchen [feet? arms? boat? i have NO clue] did pain them
and so they did without them
on the tail fo their journey

😀 im new to german so its prolly not very good.

Comment by MinCat


“There once was an ant from…”

Sorry, I only do Spanish.

Comment by Kellycat

as near as dammit, make it new!

i meant it about a wee prize so if you would like one (just something small!), email me your details

my email is on my profile!

beinchen = little legs!

Comment by Urban Chick

But somehow endearing.

Comment by mig bardsley


“Once upon a time there were two ants who wanted to travel to Australia.
When they reached Altona on Lake Chausee, their little legs were so tired that they wisely decided to forego the last part of the journey …”

Comment by Das Schottische Huhnchen

This is kind of long, but in the spirit of the post, here is Jabberwocky in German.

“Der Jammerwoch
Robert Scott
“Es brillig war. Die schlichte Toven
Wirrten und wimmelten in Waben;
Und aller-mümsige Burggoven
Die mohmen Räth’ ausgraben.

»Bewahre doch vor Jammerwoch!
Die Zähne knirschen, Krallen kratzen!
Bewahr’ vor Jubjub-Vogel, vor
Frumiösen Banderschntzchen!«

Er griff sein vorpals Schwertchen zu,
Er suchte lang das manchsan’ Ding;
Dann, stehend unterm Tumtum Baum,
Er an-zu-denken-fing.

Als stand er tief in Andacht auf,
Des Jammerwochen’s Augen-feuer
Durch tulgen Wald mit Wiffek kam
Ein burbelnd Ungeheuer!

Eins, Zwei! Eins, Zwei! Und durch und durch
Sein vorpals Schwert zerschnifer-schnück,
Da blieb es todt! Er, Kopf in Hand,
Geläumfig zog zurück.

»Und schlugst Du ja den Jammerwoch?
Umarme mich, mien Böhm’sches Kind!
O Freuden-Tag! O Halloo-Schlag!«
Er schortelt froh-gesinnt.

Es brillig war. Die schlichte Toven
Wirrten und wimmelten in Waben;
Und aller-mümsige Burggoven
Die mohmen Räth’ ausgraben.”

Now we know where they get those bits for word verification!

Comment by Dave F

LOL! I love those “Sinn-Gedichte”… Here Ringelnatz at it,s best:

Der Bumerang
War einmal ein Bumerang;
War ein weniges zu lang.
Bumerang flog ein Stück,
Aber kam nicht mehr zurück.
Publikum – noch stundenlang –
Wartete auf Bumerang.

How comes this Ringelnatz – interest?

The Muse Andrea

Comment by Anonymous

does he have poems about kangaroos, too?

Comment by Justine

wow, everyone!

just: wow!

**preens as blog breaks away from anglo-centricity**

Comment by Urban Chick

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