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Gosh, it’s tough being northern European
January 5, 2006, 1:33 pm
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the Protestant thing.

the work ethic thing.

the puritanical thing.

the cold climate thing.

Better to be Catholic. And warm.



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Not if you’re Irish. Catholic and cold.



Comment by Spinsterella

ah yes – an exception to the rule

catholic and cold: not good

lapsed catholic and cold though: better?

just wonderin’

Comment by Urban Chick

um, atheist, no work ethic, bloody freezing?

i always have to be different, don’t i?

Comment by surly girl

It is always a dream of Americans that they will work for a European company as the rumors are that one gets SIX WEEKS of vacation per year.

I must specify to all that this does not apply to Europeans in the north.

We’ll worry about religion later.

Comment by Whinger

I think I’d prefer to put up with the cold than have:

The catholic guilt thing.

To go to confession all the time.

To be told I should have about fiteen kids.

Anyway, spring is only about eight weeks away.

Comment by Betty

here are a few clues about me;
-my mother had 16 pregnancies, 8 live births (I’m no. 8)
– my maiden name is Shannon
– I’m warm now (but only because I’m wearing a jumper, a fleece, and long underwear

Better to be an agnostic Canadian of Irish descent, formerly a Catholic, but thankfully, no more.

p.s. was there supposed to be a picture with this post? It doesn’t come up. Maybe my punishment for looking during the work day?

Comment by Kyahgirl

I’ve always wanted to be Graham Greene, if that helps.

Comment by Wyndham

Speaking as a prolapsed Catholic, I can say that being Catholic means always having to say you’re sorry. I was very glad to stop having to walk round on my knees, I can tell you.

Comment by Dave F

When it comes to matters of temperature, best to leave religion out of it. Incidentally, I am cold and catholic but not catholic enough to do the confession and non-stop procreation.

Comment by frangelita

tough? TOUGH?? You don’t know what tough is, girly! Never done a hard day’s work in yer life! Your generation was raised coddled in pink cotton wool and has turned away – gone astray!!
Where’s your stoicism?
And you call yourself a protestant.

Comment by Anonymous

(clears throat).
Right. Sorry about that. It was just grandpa wanting to have a word with you.
Top post UC.


Comment by Justine

I’m pretty sure Catholics don’t have exclusive rights to guilt. The entire Chinese population of the world does guilt very well, if my mum is anything to go by (and I’m finding myself following in her footsteps, damnit).

Comment by Violet

As my Dad (the methodist) said to my Mum (the catholic) when asked if he wanted to do something he didn’t want to do but ought to have been wanting to do, “…er..Yo!”
Note of desperation in the voice.
Me, brung up a shivering catholic, now warmly lapsed. (something to do with central heating I think)

Comment by mig bardsley

Yes, it’s a terrible affliction, this protestant work ethic thing. The bane of my life. Although, on the upside (and as I’ve told the ol’rooster many a time), in the event of my sudden demise/departure, everything – food, housework, washing – will be just fine and dandy for ONE day. This is because I do things today, to save doing them tomorrow. And tomorrow, of course, I’ll do them for the next day und so weiter …. a certain Germanic streak I fear.

Comment by motherhen

just being cold is a bit dull. though probably preferable to an eternity of hellfire. do you think you have to work in hell or do you just get to lie around suffering?

Comment by spindleshanks

spindleshanks asks a good question. Depending upon the answer, I might reconsider my religious affiliations. If I could just be bad and go to hell and stay warm, that might be nice…hanging out with all the other naughty people, drinking whiskey, telling jokes, sounds good eh?

Comment by Kyahgirl

I desperately want to say something meaningful here. *pause* Nope, nothing. I got nothing. But I AM warm. xoxo

Comment by mireille

I am VERY northern European, the heathen child of an Anglican and a Catholic (both lapsed, hence why I’m heathen) and I’m very, very, very bloody cold at the moment.

Not sure what point I was trying to make there, but just wanted to join in.

Comment by Kellycat

Kyah – its sex drugs and rock n roll as far as I know 🙂

Comment by Justine

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