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Chicklets Squished In Freak Armchair Incident!!
December 28, 2005, 10:04 pm
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Oh, and then there was the one where UC had to figure out how, um, when to take penicillin ‘on an empty stomach and at least one hour before eating’.

Four. Times. A. Day.

At Christmastime?

Are they kidding?


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It’s really hard taking drugs that have to be taken on an empty stomach. This usually means: at least two hours after you last ate, and at least one hour before you next eat. Virtually impossible for a grazer like me.

Comment by Violet

Cuuute! Is that you, or some other adult female squishing a couple of chicklets? 🙂 Yeah, finding a spare hour without an empty stomach on Christmas day is pretty difficult. I’m sorry that you were ill enough to have to take penicillin anyway! I hope your Christmas was great. 🙂

Comment by Rusty

I started off really well this Christmas – I skipped breakfast, because we were gonna be late for church. So, by the time that was finished, I was dizzy, because I very rarely skip brekky. So, at lunch, I had to make up for it. Then at 4 when everybody had left, me and my husband both fell asleep in chairs with our mouths open, heads back SNORING… then woke up and it was time for dinner, then there were all the left over desserts…
Hope I’m not the only one who over-indulged and is bulging!

Comment by Justine

Oh the gorgeous chicklets! (Big soppy grin)
How many times in the day did you you have to find an empty stomach hour?

Comment by mig bardsley


i mean!

Comment by Urban Chick

ack! ack! ack! ack! smashed chicklets! ack! ack! ack! good thing they reconstitute well! *what cuties they are* yeah, between that two hours before and one hour after (or whatever) when ARE you supposed to stuff your face? Huh? xoxo

Comment by mireille

Ooh. 4 TIMES!
(hope you took your chance in the middle of the night)

Comment by mig bardsley

Two times a day is hard enough.



That’s just freaking ridiculous. It can’t be helping the immune system to be weak from hunger.

WV: euwax – how I imagine the chicklets say, “ear wax.”

Comment by Whinger

are squished chicklets crunchy, like the gum (Chiclets)?

Good luck with the penicillin. Its practically impossible to manage it four times/day like that. Some day we’ll swap penicillin stories, I have lots of them to share 🙂


Comment by Kyahgirl

You lucky. Penicillin: the wonder drug of the century. My aunt was a guinea pig in one of Fleming’s original tests. Me, I’m allergic to it. I take it, I’m in serious trouble. Enjoy your penicillin!

Comment by Wyndham

I had to take that kind of penicillin a little while ago as well. Mealtimes were planned like a military operation. I now have the deepest sympathy for diabetics.

I don’t know about you, but I found that the hour between taking the penicillin and eating was filled with stomach ache.

Comment by Kellycat

It is me! I am on a blackberry! In derbyshire! Taken me four hours to type this comment, mind. Wahoo!

Comment by Anonymous

Sorry. I mean ME! UC! Ok, gotta go drink some champagne and have a bath now.

Comment by Urban Chick

Hey you, on the Blackberry! Happy New Year from the U.S.!! xoxo

Comment by mireille

Happy New Year to you and the Chick family!


Comment by Kyahgirl

Happy New Year UC!

Comment by Tabby Rabbit

Happy New Year! Try not to squish the chicklets any more than is entirely necessary;-) Have linked to you now btw

Comment by frangelita

Great photo! I, too, was prescribed penicillin over Christmas, also four times a day. I just ignored the doctor’s advice of when/how often, etc.

Comment by Meegan

*late again*

Happy New Year UC! Here’s to another fine year of blogging, Spanish and marvellous shoes, eh?

Comment by patroclus

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