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Alpha males we hate to love #37: Gordon Ramsay
December 20, 2005, 2:03 pm
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[Click here for picture.]

I know what you’re thinking: This Blog Is Going Downhill. Rapidly.

C’mon, where’s your festive spirit?

Mine’s in the drinks cabinet…awaiting dusk (sunacceptable to slurp Baileys before 4pm, doncha know?).


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Funnily enough, UC, the ol’ rooster and I were at a party on Saturday night at which the subject of Alpha v. Beta males came up in the conversation (we don’t just talk about house prices at OUR parties, you know). In a nutshell, what emerged from the females in this discussion was that Alphas might be desirable for the old business of, ahem, insemination but, for a jolly good night out and sympatisch company, you simply can’t beat the Beta. Try reading Robert Crampton in Saturdays’s TIMES and then work out who you’d rather go out with – him or Gordon Ramsay (I’m excluding the prospect of delish food from this, by the way). Merry Christmas everyone!!

Comment by motherhen


i don’t want to hear you say words like ‘insemination’: not on my blog, not in real life, not never!

**sticks fingers in ears and sings loudly**

Comment by Urban Chick

Oh, UC, you’re just SO old fashioned ….. how do you think you got here? No, that’s even too much for me to think about. Scrub that question and just think about gooseberry bushes.

Comment by motherhen

Mmmmm…Gordon Ramsay…

Comment by Jenny G

gordon ramsey – rubberfaced yet undeniably sexy.

i’ll take the alpha male of the beta any old day of the week, thank you. that’s what gay best friends are for – the gossiping and the shopping.

Comment by surly girl

ooh, quivers.

But why is his chin like that? Does anyone know?

Comment by GreatSheElephant

in a freak cheese fondue skewer incident perhaps??

Comment by Urban Chick

I don’t know this person.

But Bailey’s is acceptable at all times of the day during Christmas.

It’s especially good in coffee.

Comment by Whinger

this man doesn’t appeal to me but motherhen has me thinking about the possibiliites of insemination under the gooseberry bushes. Your motherhen is quite naughty eh UC?

better get started on your Baileys.
Yikes, I just looked at the time-you must be just about ready to start your nighttime beauty routine and hit the sack!!

Comment by Kyahgirl

OOh, I love these intrafamily Freudian discourses. *which sounds like intercourse, doesn’t it?* And there’s alpha and there’s alpha. DH is a very deceptive alpha … we’re swingin’ along and he’s being very beta sympatisch as motherhen points out, I step on a conversational landmine and WHAM! THIS FANGED ALPHA appears before me. I’ve seen it go the other way, too. Just sayin’ xoxo

Comment by mireille

ah, the notorious ‘stealth alhpa’. You must watch yourself around those ones! 🙂

Comment by Kyahgirl


Comment by mireille

Trufact: Numberplate on Ramsay’s (unnecessarily large) Bentley = F4TS0.

Just in case anyone was planning to stalk him…

Comment by Pashmina

Betas for me every time.
But isn’t he just beautiful!
(and doesn’t he know it!)

Comment by mig bardsley

GR’s mother was the cook at the Cobweb, my favourite tearoom when I lived in Stratford-upon-Avon, and I should remember him as a young boy running around the place, but I don’t. I do remember the owner of the place had roving hands and used to pester all the young waitresses – and the young female customers.

How GR went from Welsh rarebit and eggs & chips to refined haute cuisine is a mystery.

I’m not terribly keen on bullies.

Comment by Bela

Hohoh… so would Ainsley Harriot count as alpha or beta?

Comment by tigerjoe

Ainsley Harriott would count as an omega…seriously, the man isn’t even human; he’s a pantomime dame.

My vote goes to “stealth betas” – men who have that yummy alpha exterior, but who also have a soft’n’chewy beta filling. Kind of like a dark-chocolate caramel.

It’s 8.56 am, and I need chocolate…

Comment by the plate invigilator

oh!! plate invigilator has nailed it exactly – the other half is a stealth beta!!


Comment by surly girl

perfect indeed. I want a stealth beta.

Comment by GreatSheElephant

I have been unable to take him seriously since a chef friend referred to him as ‘Old Celeriac Head’.

Comment by Liz

Gordon’s face appears to have been dipped into a moulding solution, and then pressed into a chenille bedspread- long and hard. Nothing else explain those incredible wrinkles.

Comment by Francoise

From stealth beta, i think that Gordon Ramsay’s food is fantastic, I think his business advice kitchen nightmares sould be watched by every small business in that industry, but what I want to see most of all, is one of put down kitchenhands picking him up and cooking his testicals(still attached, remember better to cook meat on the bone)on one of his own griddles, that I would pay to see

Comment by marblegrimes

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