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Cheaper than the real thing
December 17, 2005, 7:13 pm
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My friend said he reminds her of Mr Chick. The cheek!


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hey, lucky first.
do you really think he is the only shrink that grows? oh. hang on. I just got it.
well, it’s been a long week…
happy birthday for the other day!

Comment by spindleshanks

wow, that’s a GREAT gift. Like a ChiaPet, only a shrink! (Probably two Americanisms that are totally indecipherable: ChiaPets are these “advertised on TV” really cheap ceramic thingys that somehow have seeds embedded in them so they seem to grow “hair” … often used as joke gifts. Shrink, of course, is one’s esteemed psychiatrist.) Oh, this was way too overdrawn. Anyway. Does he really look like Mr. Chick? Sort of that “kind academic” thing going for him? ♥ xoxo

Comment by mireille

So much CHEAPER than real therapy.

I do love the gag gift.

Comment by Whinger

Is it me, or does “come on into my office ” sound strangely dirty given the invitation to “grow” a therapist? Oh god, it’s just me. Damn.

Comment by katiedid

Especially with the invocation of one’s “happy place.” I am going to hell for sure.

Comment by katiedid

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