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A laptop of one’s own
December 16, 2005, 12:41 pm
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I didn’t have much time to appreciate my birthday presents on the day itself, but suffice it to say that I was thoroughly indulged by Mr Chick, who gave me my first and very own laptop.

OK, so I’m a little way off having a room of my own (although the airing cupboard is currently available), but a spiffy new laptop is a good start, no? And I can’t help thinking that if Virginia was writing her 1929 classic in the here and now, it would be called ‘A laptop of one’s own’.

Well, this, at any rate, ought to inspire me to rise above my twice-weekly bout of Blog Angst and stop me from deleting the damn thing.

Oh, and I shan’t now consider walking into the River Ouse with stones in my pockets either. (Besides, it’s a good 50 minute drive from here and no doubt bloody chilly at this time of year.)

Dear darling Mr Chick: Leonard to my Virginia, Jean Paul to my Simone, Kevin to my Britney…


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what a perfect gift. Mr. Chick is the best!

and please, no more talk of deleting your blog.

Comment by Kyahgirl

Yes, I like Mr. Chick. He understands. and, again, Happy Birthday, baby. xoxo

Comment by mireille

Mr Weasel and I share a wedding day with Kevin and Britney. Given that she appears to have kicked him out and had his Ferrari repossessed, we feel that we have won this particular race.

Congratulations and happy birthday!

Comment by Liz

He is a dear, and much looking forward to more frequent posts. 🙂

Comment by Whinger

i want a mr. chick,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Comment by Anonymous

A laptop! Oh for a laptop. Lucky cow.

Comment by Wyndham

This was such a nice post until the Britney and Kevin part. Blech.

I’m glad to hear about the lil chicklet!

Comment by Meegan

I am so envious!
I’ve been putting a laptop on my christmas and birthday list for the last five years!
Don’t even think about deleting…your blog is one of my ways of staving off Blog angst!

Comment by mig bardsley

Just incidentally, for 20 years I thought ‘A Room of One’s Own’ referred to a physical space, with a desk and silence to concentrate. Then, just last month, I read something that explained that actually VW was referring more to the £500 a year inheritance she got from her aunt, i.e the financial independence that enabled her to buy the room and not work for it. So a laptop wouldn’t quite replace that…it would be the income (unearned) to buy your own with!

Comment by Lulu

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