My salad dressing days

December 15, 2005, 2:07 pm
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Just as we had found the perfect position for the cotside chair (front right leg: 25.4 degrees north) that enabled us to twiddle with the oxygen dial, whilst cuddling a sleeping chicklet, watching ‘The X Factor’ without the sound and resting one foot on the lower bars of the cot.

Just as I was beginning to harbour homicidal thoughts from listening to Richard Clayderman Plays Andrew Lloyd Webber Classics one too many times in the playroom.

Just as our Wild Bean Cafe hot pastry breakfasts were starting to manifest in our girths.

Just as our favourite paediatrician was due back from holiday and I had confessed how hard I might find it not to throw my arms round his neck to tell him how much I love him* (lucky escape, Dr O!).

Just as I was beginning to think inappropriate thoughts about the good-looking antipodean physiotherapist and concoct excuses for another referral for some ‘percussion’.

Just as we discovered the parents’ room with microwave and kettle.

Just as we were wondering how much longer we could stand our family being split in two, Chicklet #2 got better and came home.

[This well and truly beats a BMX bike (Christmas 1983, gifted by Motherhen and the Ol’ Rooster) hands down as The Best Christmas Present Ever.]

* in the way that you love the people who have cared for your loved ones when they are weak and vulnerable


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Marvellous. He can still have another hug, even though he’s a bit better. xx

Comment by Kellycat

Hooray!! So very happy for all of you, hope the little one is feeling completely well very soon!

Comment by colombina


Comment by belladona

If only I’d started visualising a few days ago…

Comment by suburban bantam

I’m so glad! And perfect timing too!

Comment by Jenny G

Whoopy do!!! Chicklets rule! Maybe just a teensy weensy bit of spoiling then.

Comment by motherhen

So thrilled to hear such great news. Birthday and Christmas present rolled into one little bundle of love. Yippeeee!!!LL

Comment by Anonymous

Yay!! Saved from hospital insanity, not a moment too soon.

Comment by Kyahgirl

Excellent news – very happy to hear this

Comment by GreatSheElephant

That’s brilliant. 🙂 Hope everyone’s in suitably festive mood!


Comment by Hannah

Mmm, hot pastry breakfasts…

Sorry, I mean oh wow, that’s excellent news! Very happy for chicklet and all the othe Chicks. Excellent.

Comment by patroclus

Happy for you. everything else in situations like this are rendered meaningless.

Comment by Mike

Hurrah for both Chicks! I expect them both to be terrorizing everything below knee height very soon.

Comment by Whinger

That’s great news. It’s so wonderful to have them back where they belong when they’ve been in hospital.

Comment by mig bardsley

good, good, good news, UC. ♥ xoxo

Comment by mireille

Wonderful news! I’m so happy for you that you have him home in time for the holidays! In fact, I’m just happy for you that he’s home! Here’s hoping he’s completely well soon.

Comment by Rusty

I have not been visiting the blog world much recently so did not realise you were having such a tough time – I am so pleased to hear your no 2 chicklet is home…. I hope you can start to relax
lots of love

Comment by yclepta

hoo-ray, hoo-ray, it’s a hollee- hollee-day…

marvellous. well done the chicklet.
as for you and mr.chick, favourite tipple plus mince pies with custard all round! (and never mind the girth, some brisk walking in the new year will sort it) x

Comment by sbs

That is wonderful news. I hope the chicklet is not too uncomfortable, and is feeling well soon.

Comment by katiedid

Glad to hear Chick #2 is back where he should be: at home with the Chick family.

Comment by Justine

hurray for chicklet 2!! hurray for christmas!!


Comment by surly girl

it’s all been said, but v glad to hear your chicklet is home and well x

Comment by spindleshanks

Wonderful news! You can have a Happy Christmas after all. :-)(Sorry for the delay.)

Comment by Bela

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