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Posts you have been spared
December 14, 2005, 8:16 pm
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Were it not for real life intervening, you might have suffered from reading the following posts:

* A whinge about how my birthday is always overshadowed by the anniversary of the assassination of a 1960s pop icon
* A long ramble in celebration of my blog’s first birthday (which fell on 12th – fell flat, in fact) about life, blogging and narcissism
* Speculation about what horrors might be unleashed on the dancefloor of a minor London nightclub when I go dancing with my friend after a dance-free period of, er, several years* (scheduled for this Friday and now unlikely to take place)

* bar dancing in the privacy of my own home, that is

Like I say, you have been spared.

[Chicklet #2 is doing well, but continues to require oxygen and is unlikely to be discharged until he’s back breathing air. Well, what passes for ‘air’ here in our nation’s glorious capital, particularly the oil-laden black cloudy air we are enjoying right now.]


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Your poor family. Kia Kaha (be strong in Maori) little chicklet of Urban Chick. I hope you get back come with your family where you should be soon.

Comment by Make Tea Not War

oops…I meant to say back Home…

Comment by Make Tea Not War

But at least you’re back. Spare us no more, let’s have an account of how those things might have turned out.

Comment by Mike

Ah bless him.

I’m sure the prospect of Christmas will have him feeling better soon.

Comment by Kellycat

Happy belated birthday by the way! xx

Comment by Kellycat

Glad things are looking more positive for him, and hope he’s back home soon.

Happy belated birthday/blogday as well.

Comment by Betty

UC – I could feel the sigh of relief from the universe when seeing that post. You will too when chicklett is home. Sure have missed you. Welcome kinda back to you and #2chick.


Comment by Anonymous

I’m so glad he’s doing better, and it’s nice to see you back again as well. I checked every day to see if there was an update about your chicklet, and I’m happy to see one. Hope he’s home soon.

Also, I’m looking forward to a post about the dancing, whenever it occurs. That should be funny. 🙂

Comment by Rusty

It’s so good to see your voice, UC. And I’m sorry the chicklet needs more time in the hospital, but he’ll be home soon. And I’m sorry your birthday was overshadowed by pop icon AND family health emergency. But this means the coming year is going to be WONDERFUL. Everyone knows their birthday is the low point of the upcoming year. Yours is ALL UP FROM HERE!! ♥ xoxo

Comment by mireille

also: is bar dancing the same as lap dancing? or not? xoxo

Comment by mireille

Spare us not! So glad you’re back. It’s probably just as well chicklet’s breathing oxygen not black clouds, but hope he’ll be back home soon.

Comment by mig bardsley

I’m sure he’ll be home and snorting sooty city air in no time.

Comment by Violet

hello uc! *waves cheerily*

hope chicklets are all home to roost very soon.


Comment by surly girl

i’m attempting visualisation techniques, maybe we could all give it a go? Its not easy visualising alveoli and the like but I feel it can only help (of course all that stuff the doctors do, antibiotics, oxygen etc is kinda good too, keep that up, just as a back up)

Comment by suburban bantam

a side note on the birthday-I have two girlfriends born on December 7. They both are bummed by the fact that its the anniversary of Pearl Harbour +, more recently in Canada, the senseless murder of several female students in Quebec by a psycho. I have another girlfriend who celebrates her birthday on Sept. 11.
I am glad you’ve taken Dec. 8 and made it a reason to celebrate!

Comment by Kyahgirl

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