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Please consider indulging me…just this once
December 6, 2005, 8:30 pm
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Y’see, this is my 200th post. Plus I threw up chicken and lemon balls last night and fancy the half can of Coke I just drank might be headed the same way. Plus I am presiding over The House Of Illness: Mr Chick, the chicklets and I have spent the entire day lolling around in the living room, falling asleep and watching Cbeebies on a loop.

OK. So I stole this idea from a fellow blogger, but I know from the marvellous Statcounter that there are those who read my blog without commenting and hey, I’m just curious about who you are.

Anyhoo, I’m simply asking you – just this once – to indulge me, and delurk briefly to say ‘hi’. Gwan – you know you want to!


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Ok I will delurk and confess to being a fan! However, being somewhat technophobic (just think Christmas presents, Sister Chick!) I have never dared to post a comment.Before now that is..there’s no stopping me now, hey?

Comment by Anonymous

Hi. But you already know I occasionally pop in don’t you? You have site stats.

Comment by Swifty

Hi, de lurking to say I’ve just been too busy or too ****ed off to write nice comments recently.

I’ll try to be better, I promise

Comment by Juggling Mother

saying hello – it’s what i always want to ask too but have been too shy – maybe i will now. hope you all feel better soon. oh, and how good is the og news?

Comment by spindleshanks

Hello… hope everyone feels better soon.

Comment by Spanglish

Not really a lurker, but thought I’d say CONGRATS! anyway. CONGRATS!

Comment by Hannah

many congrats on your 200th, UC … and I am sorry you and your family are sick. So sorry that I, in fact, had insomnia in all of your honors. As you know. *seriously, feel better, Chickfamille* xoxo

Comment by mireille

Well, I have linked to you on my blog, so you know I must think you’re wonderful enough to prompt others to follow me here. I just never feel like I have good enough things to share after reading your awesome posts. I apologize and will try to reform. 🙂

Comment by Rusty

Oh, and I’m sorry you’re ill. Hope you and the Chicks family feel better soon.

Comment by Rusty

Am newly addicted to reading blogs but not quite ready to start writing my own. I love yours though!

Comment by mshag

I feel I should add, as this is an English blog, that my user name is an actual nickname for my real last name and that here in the States it does not conjure up dirty images.
In case you worry that one of your secret stalkers is more sex-obsessed than most.

Comment by mshag

I haven’t commented in a while, so I thought I’d say hello. Congrats on the 200th post.

Comment by Esther

I’m so sorry you’re all ill. cluck, cluck, cluck
warm hugs,

Comment by Kyahgirl

get well soon!

Comment by Violet

I’m wearing two pairs of gloves and a face mask; if I catch lurgy from your blog of infection you’re in BIG trouble!

Comment by Stef the engineer

Congratulations; hope all the brood are feeling brighter! Your site is the best, and you always trigger a lively descussion.

Must get back to work…those plates won’t invigilate themselves, you know…

Comment by the plate invigilator

You once left a comment on my blog, and no good deed goes unpunished. So Happy Two-Hundredth-Ness, and I hope you’re all feeling better today.

Comment by Toasty Lundqvist

Well I often drop by but I don’t comment as often as I’d like, it’s usually already been said (and better) by your millions of regular visitors.
Hope you all get better soon.

Comment by mig bardsley

here i am!! happy 200th UC. hope you and mr c and the chicklets feel better soon.


Comment by surly girl

happy 200th!

Get better soon


Comment by GreatSheElephant

‘Lo. *skuttles off*

Comment by belladona

nuff respec’, uc.

Comment by sbs

Sorry to hear about the projectile vomiting. Did the chicken and lemon balls come back fully formed?

Happy 200th birthday. I hope you have had your telegram from the Queen.

Comment by Betty

Eurgh chicken and lemon balls, sounds weird. I’ve got a sore tummy too but no vomiting or nothing. Slurping gaviscon as we speak (other antacids are available).
Hope you’re better for cake tomorrow (2 birthdays in 2 days?)

Comment by suburban bantam

Late as usual…(I’m not good around illness)
Happy 200th UC. Hope the upchucking has ceased by now.

Comment by Pashmina

Feel better!

Comment by Meegan

Ohhhh noooo to the sickness, but hopefully you’ll all be up on your feet again.

Happy 200th! A very exciting day indeed!

Comment by Whinger

I too am just a lurker. What is delurking anyway? Sorry, I am so ingorant in this blogosphere stuff. I can’t write but I read well and your’s is a great blog. I think I got here by OVA girl and how nice she is in a happy place, eh? Anyway, feel better soon and know you are read.

Comment by Anonymous

I think I’ve commented here before, but I am full of sympathy for the vomit etc, so . . . hello.

Recommend Coke (or Diet Coke) for honking; something about the bubbles helping you to burp usually does the trick. Having said that, it doesn’t sound like it’s doing the trick for you. Boo.

Comment by Liz

Sorry I’m late! I have de-lurked after lurking once or twice before. I think I’m becoming quite the lurker!

So, lurking over with, hope you’re all feeling better now and Many Happy Returns etc etc on 200 posts.

I’ll be visiting again soon…

Comment by Inexplicable DeVice

I visit quite often, but I’m a useless commenter. And I need to hang on to anyone who has ever commented on my blog cos they’re deserting me. Helps that I’m a fan.

Comment by Mike

(Sorry – a late night – may be ill myself in the morning…eurgh) Happy 200th! Hope you feel better soon.

Comment by Tabby Rabbit

Hullo! Hope you feel better. Your recent sliding doors entry was hilarious.

Comment by kuri

Lest you become uncomfortable with that last unaccounted for blog-view, I pop in from time to time. I get here from the link on C’est-Chic… as I enjoy the varied reads, but don’t have the patience to stick them on my favorites list.

Comment by neko

Hello UC.
Warmest congratulations. Hope you are feeling more chipper soonish.

Now I’ve said that… can I have all your shoes?

Comment by greta

*Arriving fashionably late*

Congrats on reacing the big 200, UC! Not such good news about the chicken balls. Hope you’re feeling better now.

egclcj: A peculiar form of British bureaucratic torture, combining electro-shock therapy with a punitive court appearance. Avoid.

Comment by patroclus


Has the barfing stopped yet?

Comment by Kellycat

oh dear, *clucks frantically*
You’re not back yet. I hope you and the others are getting better.
(fingers crossed)

Comment by Kyahgirl

Once again this simple yet effective device has worked wonders. I would try it myself but fear it’ll backfire badly on me.

Comment by Wyndham

Oh hope yo guys feel better soon, what a bummer! You know I read here but I don’t always have something brilliant to say, but you were one of the first bloggers to visit and comment on my blog and I’ve always appreciated that. Thank you. 🙂 Take care, KM

Comment by Kate

tagging you, for once you feel better – your ten favourite foods please

Comment by GreatSheElephant

Oh God, how horrible for you. Cbeebies. I hope you find battereis for remote soon.

Formal intro: hello etc. My night for it…

Comment by the Beep

hiya, love the words.
especially the word shoes.
rachel xx

Comment by rachel t williams

Yes, I too read you – albeit often 48 hours late.

Comment by Who is this Dave?

I have been a bit ill, but I am back and of course you know I drop in from time to time … your blog is refreshing. Still … I follow instruction. HI Urban Chick!

Comment by Liquidplastic

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