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Days much dreamt of
December 3, 2005, 8:56 pm
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The last week has been spent visiting and being visited by family and old friends (hence my intermittent presence on the blogosphere).

The chicklets have been kept wonderfully entertained by The Blonde Cousins and our friends’ children. These, it dawns on me, are the days we dreamed of, talked about (“…when we’re older and our kids play together…”).

And it really is like that. We’ve watched the littlies playing and giggling together, sharing meals, being dunked in baths together…

Just before she left, my old school friend* – whom I met over twenty years ago and with whom I shared most of my hormone-fuelled teenage years – was tapped on the knee by Chicklet #1 who wanted to get up onto her lap to be read a story. (And this was after – in exchange for some mini-flapjacks and apple juice – I was rewarded with an entirely voluntary kiss from the sweet four-year-old son of my other dear former classmate.)

[Of course, we have also spent the week teetering on the brink of all-out anarchy and averting an outbreak of World War Three – mostly over possession of the smallest and silliest plastic toy – but it’s been fun.]

* Talking of whom, a little personal message: please don’t be shy about leaving a comment. Believe me, we bloggers love comments. So long as you respect my anonymity and that of the chicklets. (I mean, Maddox and Zahara would never forgive you.) So comment away, dear chum…


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Comment by Urban Chick

do you think people are withholding comments deliberately in a perverse sort of fashion?

very cute pic you’ve got there

Comment by GreatSheElephant

GSE: possibly…OR people came a-huntin’ for wit and erudition and found an uncharacteristically gushy post and thought ‘tuh!’

although there was a problem most of yesterday with leaving comments (or at least me and someone else were having problems)

Comment by Urban Chick

Me too, the comment problem.
The chicks pic is delightful.

Comment by mig bardsley

Your friends sound awesome UC. That’s a priceless treasure

Comment by Kyahgirl

You hear that, UC? (I, however, like to think of myself as the exception that proves the rule…)

Comment by the plate invigilator

What a nice weekend tale.

My sisters have trained their children to come running to me with their arms out for hugs when I arrive at their homes. Even though I know they’re trained, I still adore it, and it makes me feel all fuzzy.

Comment by Whinger

I don’t know if you check these months after the event, but just had to make a comment. Feel like a celebrity getting a mention in one of your blogs. I’m just stuggling to come up with a witty name to call myself…

Comment by Squash Court Layabout

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