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It is against my religion
December 1, 2005, 1:00 pm
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for anyone to dislike the song ‘One Note Samba’.

In particular the version by John Pizzarelli and Rosemary Clooney*.

But NOT the version by Frank Sinatra.

Or Astrud Gilberto.

Especially if sung and danced to in my living room.

Specifically RIGHT NOW.

* and yes, she is his aunt

[So don’t be saying I didn’t tell you. ‘kay?]


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Surely, the ONLY version of this song we should be concerned with is the classic Walter Wanderly version.

There is no other.

Glad to have cleared that up.

Comment by Wyndham

**out of breath as races back from amazon from listening to sample**

not a patch, wyndham, not a patch

rosemary still rocks

Comment by Urban Chick

*shakes head sadly*

Comment by Wyndham

at least agree with me on this point:

sironic, innit, how walter’s version features on the soundtrack of ‘out of sight’, which features rosemary’s nephew?


Comment by Urban Chick

Ah, yes, a very good point! And a fabulous film. Easily J-Lo’s finest moment. And possibly George’s.

*wyndham takes a carefully-polished helmet out of his desk-drawer and puts it on*

Comment by Wyndham

**UC preens over her powers of persuasion but secretly wonders whether this bossa nova brouhaha is lost on her other readers**

Comment by Urban Chick

*turns motorhead up and secretly smirks at people who like things that sound as if they might turn into jazz at any second*

ps i always think connie francis was george clooney’s aunt. i just thought i’d mention that, before kellycat did.

Comment by surly girl

yes, you did lose me on this post but I enjoyed the opportunity to drool over George. He is as gorgeous as ever.

Comment by Kyahgirl

I am too busy listening to Frank’s version of Mambo Italiano to pay this any mind.

Comment by Whinger

Er, I was never under the delusion that Connie Francis was George’s aunt. In fact Rosemary Clooney had a guest part in ER once.

Sorry, UC but this is nowhere near as good as Mambo Italiano, the best version of which, Whinger, is Rosemary’s.

Although none of them are as good as Dino singing Sway (which my old boss had as the first dance at his wedding, which was pretty cool)

Comment by Kellycat

Huh! I’ll have to check these versions out… and Rabbit, rabbit! (good luck for December)

Comment by actonbell

Hi UC…can I get you to change the link to me in your sidebar/blogroll to

I had to delete my other blog (trapped in the body of a civil servant)…long story


Comment by Aginoth

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