My salad dressing days

Of sliding doors and cropped cardigans
November 30, 2005, 8:14 pm
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In my more wistful moments, I sometimes imagine that I might have been the short-haired, elfin-featured, pale-skinned singer in an otherwise male-dominated indie band.

I would have worn vintage clothing and had a wardrobeful of cropped, home-knitted cardigans.

I would have sung with my hands clasped behind my back and bobbed my head lightly from side to side in the instrumental parts of the songs. I may have tapped on a tambourine and shuffled around next to the bass guitarist.

If asked in media interviews what my interests were, I would have responded earnestly: saving the planet and the organic food movement.

But I might have been damned irritating, like a female version of Chris ‘I hate capitalism but please buy my new CD’ Martin.

So, it’s all worked out for the best really.

**scribbles reminder to self to send off application to The X Factor 2006**


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One of my fantasies is to the the frontwoman for a rock band. My voice sounds like dying animals though, so I don’t think that’ll happen anytime soon.

Comment by Jenny G

Yes, I think it did work out for the best. 🙂

Comment by Kyahgirl

while on the whole I’d prefer to be an opera singer, I do admit that the fantasy aspect of that is nowhere near as compelling

Comment by GreatSheElephant

well, truth be known and if we’re talking reality TV, it’d be ‘musicality’ all the way for me…that is, until channel4 commissions ‘jazzalicious’

besides, i’m not elfin-featured and my hair looks darn silly short

Comment by Urban Chick

yabbut, it would have been so je ne sais quoi … piquant! Yes, piquant. Rethink the short hair. You just need a lot of styling product and it’ll work! xoxo

Comment by mireille

I was gonna be in a band called Violet and the Halogens. Just the geek in me at the time.

Comment by Violet

Look, I spent most of the 1980’s hanging around with indie types and trying to look pale, thin and petite – I thought dying my hair black would actually make me look pale and interesting rather than a complete berk. As I’m tall and olive skinned with curly hair, it wasn’t going to work, was it?

Oh, and for some reason I thought I would look elfin like with short hair for a few years. Mistake. It has only just grown out now and (a)I feel vaguely human again and (b)don’t have to use buckets full of hair wax.

Er, that’s just my experience. I will calm down now.

Comment by Betty

Now this is why blogs aren’t good for getting an idea of someone. I though you WERE an elfin-featured, pale-skinned singer in an otherwise male-dominated indie band, who wore vintage clothing and has a wardrobeful of cropped, home-knitted cardigans.

Not so sure about the clasping hands and bobbing head, ‘though.

(Shuffles off to play “Whitechocolatespaceegg” yet again.)

Comment by Stef the engineer

What a coincidence. I look a bit like a Hobbit, actually.

Comment by Wyndham

*Hate* and I mean really *hate* Christ Martin. Thank you for mentioning that you are not fond of him either! 🙂

Comment by colombina

colombina: was that a slip of the finger on your keypad (“chrisT martin”) or are you about to tell me that he has made a beatles-esque comment about being ‘bigger than jesus’?

no matter, for he still irritates me (although i do quite like some of his musak)

Comment by Urban Chick

I have always wanted to be elfin-featured as well, mainly because the short hair looks so easy to maneuver in the mornings.

But I would just look like the dyke that I am with a short haircut.

Damn Keira Knightley and her too-cute-for-words features.

Comment by Whinger

late blog comment alert!
I was going to be in a band called Cyanide Sid and the blancmanges, I guess that made me a blancmange…Still think its a fab name

Comment by suburban bantam

i’m sure i commented on this. did i dream it, or was i deleted?

i am scared now.

Comment by surly girl

oh, don’t mind me. i commented on the next post, not this one…

*pops another temazepam*

Comment by surly girl

I’d like to be the drummer in an otherwise all-male minor indie-rock band.

I’ve got rheumatoid arthritis though. It’s not gonna happen, is it?

Comment by Spinsterella

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