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November 25, 2005, 2:38 pm
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The shoe low on toe grippage

If socks make Little Blonde Niece cross (and they do), then these shoes make me cross.

They are screaming out to be worn to an urbane cocktail party* but they’re just so cross-making to wear. Wear them in summer without tights and the faintest trace of perspiration will see your foot slithering around and eventually slipping out. No amount of toe-grippage is gonna keep your feet in and I’m not prepared to go to parties and stand in one spot for two hours (how am I gonna get to the hors d’oeurves, frinstance?). Wear them in winter with tights, and, unless you have little rubber suction pads on the foot, you will experience similar slippage and slithering.

But do you think I can throw them out?



* should I EVER be invited to one, that is


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Are those little roses?

And what from your monochrome wardrobe are you going to team them with?

Lovely by the way.

Comment by Kellycat

Do you think we should all get together and throw our own urbane cocktail party, so that we can get to wear all the things we never get to wear because we don’t get invited to urbane cocktail parties?

Just a thought.

Comment by Kellycat


Oh, UC. You’re slipping! 🙂

Comment by Stef the engineer

Oh! Oh! I have the answer! Use those weird pad things you put in shoes to stop your feet from hurting. they should stop slippage – if the plastic ones don’t work you can get other ones made out of foam.

Comment by belladona

I don’t own any fancy shoes like that because I know that cocktail parties, urbane or otherwise, are not in the realm of possibility for one such as I.

Perhaps you could get some fake tan then wear them without hose?

Comment by Kyahgirl

This is why I hate Clarks. Synthetic shoe linings are an abomination. How about forcefully ripping out the insole and replacing with a leather one bought from a shoe repair shop?

urbgrif – angst experienced by uc over footwear slippage

Comment by GreatSheElephant

May I recommend Scholl’s Party Feet – like chicken fillets for the balls of your feet. Work like a treat.

Oh, and there is to be an urbane cocktail party at ours in a fortnight, to which you are most welcome if you wear the shoes…

Comment by Hannah

Hi UC, If you go to and look under accessories they sell different linings for different styles of shoes. Includes ‘petals’ for sandals. Never tried them though.. good luck. Did you keep the hotpants?

Comment by Tabby Rabbit

UC as I’ve seen THE BOOTS i will just take your word for it on all shoe matters in the future. I’m lucky to get out of my blundstones (though i have cosy slippers on now). My only Helpful Hint would be to get those little sticky squares of velcro and you could stick one to the ball of your foot and t’other to the offending slippage area. Well, it might work…

Comment by spindleshanks

Just hobble over to the refreshments table and stay there all evening.

Comment by Violet

Those are slippers. LOL!

Comment by Bela

I recently saw an interior decorating show where a woman made display shelves in her living room for her beautiful shoes that were too uncomfortable to wear. It actually turned out to be a pretty display.

Comment by Whinger

Whinger, I recently bought a pair of exquisite Lulu Guinness shoes in TK Maxx: they’re half a size too small and the heels are too high, however, they are a work of art and, as soon as I find a space for them, I will display them as such. 🙂

Comment by Bela

I’ve heard tit tape does the trick, too, but have never actually tried it.

Comment by Bourgeois Wife

gosh, i hadn’t considered sticking them onto my chest

now there’s an eye-deer…


Comment by Urban Chick

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