My salad dressing days

There’s no accounting for taste
November 23, 2005, 1:32 pm
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I pity the poor folk who find my blog when they are looking for something more exciting. So I can only guess at the deep sense of disappointment felt by the person who ended up here having searched Yahoo for ‘defecating women photos’.


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uc, are you going to the thing on the 1st? Want to meet up halfway and arrive together? If so moomail me on mua and we can sort out details in private.

Comment by GreatSheElephant


Comment by Meegan

It’s always amazing to me how people find my blog with dirty terms. I barely even curse, and yet….

Comment by Whinger

i still get about 3 people a week looking for advice on veruccas, and one the other week who got me after searching for “my nipple is flat” on msn. boo to msn – i cam out fourth!!! poor girl….

Comment by surly girl

uc – i am not a blogger but am wondering how do you know how people find you? it is so funny that you can actually find that out. i love your blog and your sense of humor. i come here often.

take care – linda

Comment by Anonymous

*snicker* 🙂

Comment by Kyahgirl

From my site stats I found I warranted the seventh page of a google search on the words “male” & “endowed”. Ironically it picked up a post about “mammaries” with the word “endowed” in a comment by a female referring to her own blessed state. Now there was one frustrated searcher!

Comment by Swifty

hi linda: a nifty piece of software called statcounter tells me where y’all come from! UC

Comment by Urban Chick

so have you got any?

Comment by Violet

UC, honoured to be on yr blogroll. and no, it wasn’t me. or any of my coprophagous friends.

Comment by sbs

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