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Diary of a Dull Teenager – Installment #2
November 21, 2005, 1:42 pm
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Whilst her peers were sneaking out of their parents’ houses to sniff glue in graveyards, Ursula was busy watching imported soap operas and collecting plastic bangles…

Wednesday 30 April 1986

Dear Diary,
Got up etc.etc. English homework is to write something about a relationship showing dependence. I’ve got a few ideas. For games we played tennis – that is, L and I. She’s about my standard. I forgot to tell A about late games so I thought she’d have gone but she’d waited. We got a lift from Mrs M who’d waited for me. We watched some TV. V’s got a music centre now. After tea we did some homework and at 8pm I had a bath and washed my hair. Then I watched ‘Dallas’. Nothing ever seems to go right in that programme. Mum phoned. We’re getting a lift home on Friday. Mum says that there isn’t any post for me. It’s exactly a month since I wrote to M-A and what’s happened to my bangles?
Love Ursula x

Um, could M-A be the dependent relationship, I wonder…and why do I think that L and U’s ‘standard’ of tennis is in the lower to lowest rank? And I sense the faintest whiff of jealousy about V’s ‘music centre’.


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i was about to ask if you were jealous of v’s “music centre” (so much nicer-sounding than “stereo”, isn’t it?)

and yay for dallas. i love dallas.

Comment by surly girl

you mean if ursula was jealous of V’s music centre, right?

of course, i can only surmise

Comment by Urban Chick

oops, yes, was ursula jealous? i wonder? la la la….

*tips uc a complicit wink*

Comment by surly girl

Nothing ever did go right in Dallas though, did it? That used to bother me far more than it should have done.

That and the fact they all still lived with their mother. What hope was there for the rest of us if even ludicrously wealthy Texan oil barons couldn’t manage to leave home?

Comment by Pashmina

Note how Dallas with its self-aggrandizing, swaggering Texan-who-can-do-NOTHING-right, yet continues in his sneaky, hands over eyes, “You CAN’T see me-e-e-e” ways is an interesting historical precursor. xoxo

Comment by mireille

have you watched the video of the locked door? it’s here and it’s fabulous…..

Comment by surly girl

the armchair psychologist in me would love to have a go at the teenaged UC, um, I mean Ursula. Beggin’ your pardon miss.

Comment by Kyahgirl

What did happen to the bangles?

Comment by Hannah

I second Hannah’s query.

Comment by Whinger

And was M-A French, by any chance?

Comment by patroclus

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