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Move along now – there’s nothing to see here
November 19, 2005, 10:53 pm
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Well, I had been planning on seeking your advice on my millennium party faux leopard print pencil skirt, but given the outpouring of horror that met my tartan velour hotpants, I have decided instead to direct you away from my blog and over to Seldom Nice Nowadays.

Some of you will be unfamiliar with Katiedid’s most excellent work on A-list celebrities. So first up, please check out her open letter to Madonna. But I couldn’t send you to her blog and retain a clear conscience without also bringing this to your attention.

Go on! What’s keeping you?


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AWWWW, thanks again UC. And I read the awfully nice thing you said on The Manolo’s blog, too. *Big thank you hug* for UC.

Comment by katiedid

Wow, thanks for those links–both of those posts are brilliant. Goodness, I’ve missed a lot, here!

Comment by actonbell

That is fabulous! Thanks for providing the link!

Comment by GodlessMom

Now that Katie has achieved fame, we look to you, UC. And I am sure that your upcoming perfume reviews will be just the ticket. Oh. Where ARE those perfume reviews?


Comment by mireille

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