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Fashion felony #173
November 18, 2005, 1:50 pm
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What am I doing hanging onto tartan velour hotpants?

I clear out my wardrobe pretty regularly but somehow these hotpants always make it back into The Permanent Collection.

I have worn them, possibly more than once, maybe in the late 1980s, perhaps with a pair of tartan tights and a tartan waistcoat.

[Think: ironic statement. OK?]

So, I turn to you, loyal readers, to ask: Should They Stay or Should They Go? (And if they go, do you think my local branch of Save The Children will be interested?)






Is it time for my tartan velour hotpants to pull out of my wardrobe?
  Yes, you ninny! They’re way too sheer to hold in that cellulite!
  Don’t do it, UC! A Rod Stewart revival is just around the corner!
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four words (and these are regardless of when you bought/wore them…)

what. were. you. thinking?

Comment by surly girl

You know you’ll regret chucking them when that invitation to a New Year’s party comes through the door, theme: Bad Taste… 😉

Comment by Hannah

I honestly don’t know what to say.

On one side I can’t belive that these survived one wardrobe clear-out. On the other, if I could still fit into hotpants without looking like Bubbles Devere, I’d probably keep them too, even if they were tartan.

Please reassure me UC that you are not the kind of skinny witch I could come to resent…

Comment by Kellycat

I think you should save them as a souvenir. Your children will be able to get a lot of mileage out of them when they are older. Hell, they might even want to borrow them. Who knows where the fashions will go.

Comment by Kyahgirl

That’s party attire for sure! New Year’s, Halloween…

My mom was invited a few years back to a NYE party, theme: 1969. She pulled out an actual outfit from then (she was pregnant with me) and wore it. Some stuff just needs to stay, if only to ensure that history does not repeat itself.

Next time you find yourself looking at a pair of tartan hotpants, you’ll be able to say “Nah, I already have THAT”

Comment by cjblue

Can’t comment on this, as I’m speechless.

(Actually, I did comment but then accidentally deleted it. But still.)

Comment by Meegan

Kellycat – She is INDEED a skinny witch, despite the having children. But do not hate her because she’s beautiful – she just can’t HELP it.

You should host brunches where invitees are asked to wear things that should have been cleared out of their own closets. The pictures would be wonderful.

Comment by Whinger

oh my god, whinger…what a fabulous idea!!

uc, i demand that you organise that immediately…..

Comment by surly girl

I can’t help myself, I keep coming back to see what people say about these lovely hot pants. Clearly, I need to get a life. 🙂

Comment by Kyahgirl

Wow, just wow.

Comment by Jenny G

i’m no skinny witch, believe me

but i will admit to specially arranging the lighting in the cafe where i met whinger to as to flatter my cellulite deposits

Comment by Urban Chick

UC lies. She is indeed skinny.

Lying on her very own blog. A sickness, really.

Comment by Whinger

people like UC can’t help but lie, its a sickness, aimed at sucking poor fools like myself into comingi back again and again to see what’s happening…thereby creating her fabulous stat counter numbers!!

Comment by Kyahgirl


my secret is out

besides, despite all the protestations of ‘yuk’, the overwhelming share of the poll is in support of keeping the hotpants

nuff said

Comment by Urban Chick

sadly, said Rod Stewart revival has happened and he’s singing lounge music!! i fear your ship has sailed…BUT if you get rid of them, you have room for newly-purchased items! yay

(whinger’s P, that is)

Comment by Anonymous

you truly must have been a felonious punk wearing that outfit

Comment by GreatSheElephant

whinger – that is a brilliant idea. God. Now I have this urge to investigate my closet and see what I come up with just so I can throw a white elephant clothes party.

UC – Those are singularly hideous. They are magnificent.

Comment by katiedid

I still have my cowhide miniskirt, which has never suited me in the first place but which I wore lots of times with black tights.

Comment by Violet

I’d love to see them stuffed with down feathers, all seams sewn together, a lovely velvet braided trim around the edges and nestled just so on your living room sofa. Every room needs a touch of red, you know.

Comment by Laura

Whinger – “You should host brunches..”

Do people really have brunch? The only time I have “brunch” is when I’ve slept through breakfast but I’m too hungover to make it until lunch.

Is EVERYONE that blogs posher (and skinnier) than me?

Comment by Kellycat

So often my response, upon opening UC’s blog, is Oh. Dear. God.

And today is no exception. What a fascinating life you have led, full of plaid hot pants and … (dear kellycat: re posher and skinnier? No.) xoxo

Comment by mireille

Those pants incorporate so many different kinds of wrong that I just don’t know where to start.

Comment by Wyndham

(stunned silence)

Comment by Tabby Rabbit

That is quite possibly the ugliest garment I’ve ever seen in my life.

I wouldn’t care if you were stick-thin or roly-poly. Chuck ’em.

Comment by L-girl

As someone who is still in mourning over tossing her tartan doc martens I beg of you to hang on to these hot pants!

Comment by Calliope

Oh my!

Comment by GodlessMom

i know nobody will ever read this as it’s the post-before-last but i wanted to say yay great she elephant for your thelonious monk pun……

Comment by surly girl

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