My salad dressing days

This one’s for you, Betty
November 17, 2005, 10:30 pm
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En-joy, m’dear…


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Phwoar. He looks very menacing. Who is he?

All the best,

Betty (… oh BOTHER)

Comment by Anonymous


still – not quite Gordon

Comment by GreatSheElephant

i am small-minded and parochial. who is that please?

Comment by surly girl

That is the real leader of the Labour party: Alistair Campbell, spin doctor extraordinaire.

I’m more partial to a Paxman, myself…

Comment by Hannah

Hands off, he’s mine! MINE, I tell you! Swoon!

Comment by mike

Alistair Campbell, love the name. He looks a bit grumpy though.

Comment by Kyahgirl

grumpy: in this snap perhaps

masterful, tall, fit and with that aquiline nose: oh yes

and please, y’all: it’s alAstair campbell

[gosh, i had my doubts about this alpha-males-we-love-to-love post, but i’m all gee-ed up now…more soon! i’m on a roll!]

Comment by Urban Chick

Campbell’s a bit slimey.

But I’m really rather partial to a bit of Alex thompson (or Thomas or something) off Channel 4 News.


Possibly missing a sense of humour though.

(I fancy Gordon too GSE – don’t tell anyone)

Comment by Spinsterella

I may be all alone on this one, but having watched “Ghostbusters” again last night, I was struck by how sexy Bill Murray was in his prime.

No? OK, just me then.

Comment by Kellycat

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