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I’ve told Mr Chick: tonight is the night
November 17, 2005, 11:49 am
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That’s right. Sometime after the chicklets go to bed or perhaps in the wee small hours of tomorrow morning, I hope to hit the 20,000 pageloads mark.

So you can forget any wit and erudition* from me for the next 24 hours. I shall be far too busy obsessively checking Statcounter.

* ‘well, that would be a departure from normal service’ mutter UC’s regulars

Update at 3.39pm GMT: Honeys, I’m there! And the one who tipped me over the edge? Someone from London, who’s been here once before and mooched over from Britblog. *comes over all Gwyneth Paltrow*


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bugger. i’m only up to 11800 and summat. mind you, most of those are me hitting “refresh” to make myself look better….(don’t pretend you’ve never done that)

Comment by surly girl

Mine are in the high 300’s, but that’s mostly me using the PC at work…

Would you like me to just click onto your page every now and again during the day so that you don’t have to stay up all night?

(I’ve nothing better to do.)

Comment by Kellycat

Phew, UC, you had me worried for a moment there ….
By the way, surlygirl – no need to beat yourself up about the swears -as a woman “of a certain age and disposition”, not to mention having spent some time working in a morgue, it would take more than a smidgeon of bad language to shock ME. “waves cheerily!”

Comment by motherhen

Seems you are also riding high in the stock market, UC, or so it says here

At these prices, I think we need more pictures of shoes, don’t you? (…and maybe an ankle or two…..??)

Keep up the good work!


(p.s. I s there really a Mr. Chick? Can you arrange a quicky anullment? – answer the second question first….)

Comment by Robert A. Swipe

Nobody ever visits my blog. I don’t have any friends.

Comment by Kay Richardson

congratukeleles, UC. sterling work, if I may say. long may you reign.

Comment by sbs

hello again uc’s mum!!

*waves cheerily in a familiar manner, since we’re old frineds now*

so if i say “bollocks” you won’t get cross and send me to bed with no tea then? (I have mother issues and am always on the lookout for a nice someone-else’s-mum who might want to adopt a screwed-up but inherently rather nice thirty-two year-old…)

ah. that made me look a bit odd, didn’t it? oh well….

Comment by surly girl

Congrats buddy!



Comment by Kyahgirl

Congratulations! And a little jealous….

Comment by Whinger

bear in mind that i have had statcounter turned on since 1977 (when it was a guy called joe sitting in his stepmum’s garage in leighton buzzard with an abacus)

still, i’m proud

*raises glass of the sparkly stuff and invites everyone to toast the long-since-departed joe*

Comment by Urban Chick

Well it couldn’t happen to a better blogger. Do give yourself a congratulatory jaffa cake. And perhaps some for the chicklets as well.

Comment by Whinger

Thank god for that! For a moment there I thought you were talking about something else, etc.

Comment by Wyndham

Fabuloso! Could someone pass me a celebratory jaffa cake whilst they’re going round? We’re all out, here…

Comment by Hannah

WOOHOO!!! xoxo

Comment by mireille

poo. I’m only at 8k.

Must be more pink and post shoe pics more often…

UC, I always knew you’d be my role model (hands over ass-kissing chocolate covered cherries – fresh and personally hand dipped of course)

Comment by SBB

Well done you!

Comment by Alexa

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