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Beauty Routine: Must Get
November 15, 2005, 10:37 am
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Current morning beauty routine:

Get up. Look in mirror. Go downstairs.


Get up. Look in mirror. Spy puffy eyes. Splash cold water on face. Pat face with towel. Go downstairs.

Current evening beauty routine:

Run bath. Splash warm water on face. Lie in bath in trance. Get out of bath. Go to sleep.


Run bath. Splash warm water on face. Spy soap. Lather up and rub on face. Rinse off. Remember article in ‘Marie Claire’ saying soap too abrasive. Tut to self. Lie in bath in trance. Get out of bath. Forage for tub of three-year-old moisturiser. Sniff to ensure have not picked up chicklets’ nappy rash cream by mistake. Rub on face. Go to sleep.


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You’re one step ahead of me. I still need to improve on the “Get out bed” routine. Currently something like:

Hear alarm. Hit snooze. Hear alarm. Hit snooze. Hear alarm. Hit the ‘off’ button. Wake up ten minutes before first appointment of the morning. Swear lots.

Comment by Hannah

I only start to take action when bits of my face start falling off or downwards. I always know when I’ve forgotten to apply sufficient Touche Eclat because Surly Girl tactfully tells me that I’m looking a bit tired.

Only this morning I berated a colleague for not taking her make-up off at night, only to find out that my boss touches hers up when she gets home from work, because she doesn’t want her younger partner to see what she looks like without make-up. We all helpfully pointed out to her that she has issues with her self-esteem.

Comment by Kellycat

I don’t like to see myself without make up if I’m being honest. If you’re a woman, once you get past 35 you start to look more and more like Edward G. Robinson. Depressing stuff.

Comment by Betty

KC – am not surprised at that. i suspect she sets her alarm for half an hour before his in the morning so she can be fully made up when he wakes up. unbeknownst to her, he’s actually got up half an hour before that to artfully arrange his hair to cover his receding hairline and baldspot.

give them five years and neither of them will get any sleep at all – they’ll be up and down all night like some random, frantic benny hill sketch.

oh, and uc? pop over to mine and tell me a joke, there’s a love. mwah.

Comment by surly girl

I suspect that’s why she makes him sleep in the spare bedroom if he’s on shifts.

If he’s put up with her superficiality for so long, I’m sure he’s not going to mind if her skin tone is slightly uneven.

Comment by Kellycat

UC – sorry if SG and I have hijacked your blog for a rant about my boss!

Will now desist.

Comment by Kellycat

>>If you’re a woman, once you get past 35 you start to look more and more like Edward G. Robinson.< < And here was me worrying I look like Alan Davies. Clearly I don’t know the half of it. Still, my Granny continued pulling men well into her 90s, so all is not lost. Or so I keep telling myself.

Comment by patroclus

No water may touch my skin without being followed by moisturizer. This is a rule to live by especially if you’re a forty something woman, living in Alberta, a place that, in winter, has lower humidity than the Sahara desert.
My skin is itching just reading about all this bathing and no creaming going on in the UK. You must desist. Other than that, we’ve got about the same morning and evening routines. Sometimes I even brush my hair. 🙂

Comment by Kyahgirl

Your routine outstrips mine even. Hygiene can be such a bother.

Comment by Whinger

Me too!

Thanks for the laugh. I recognized myself there. I am not one of those women who spends hours in front of the mirror. A passing glance is enough for me.

Comment by cjblue

you know, nappy rash cream is probably quite good for your skin.

Comment by Violet

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